Don’t Smell the Roses…Drink Them

Okay so the flowers in this tea aren’t actually roses. I do adore rose flavored tea, but this tea happens to be a simple Earl Grey Flowering Tea. Early Grey Black Tea from Primula to be precise. I wanted to do a tea tasting note, and I thought I would start with one that is fun to take pictures of.

I guess I will start out with the tasting note and then move on to the photos. This was a very nice Early Grey tea, nothing mind-blowing but a solid cup of tea. Sometimes I really don’t like Earl Greys, especially if they are really heavy on the bergamot. I want my tea to taste like tea not perfume! That being said this particular variant was much more on the side of a citrus-y Earl Grey than a perfumed one. It had a nice subtle black base which wasn’t at all astringent but also wasn’t weak. It made a superb post dinner tea, but I think it would go best as an afternoon snack with biscotti or shortbread or something. It seems like a classic “tea-time” tea.

Here’s a picture of it pre-infusion:

As it blooms (I am just being honest here), I think it kind of looks like some kind of sea creature or the blob or something rather than a flower. But you know in a pretty way…

I also snapped a picture of my adorable tiny teapot, and my favorite tea accessory in the entire world the UtliTEA! It seriously heats water to perfection, and in ridiculously short amount of time. Plus it makes my counter look fancy. Okay, rambling about tea accessories over.

The lonely flower after all the tea was poured out of the pot:

In conclusion…this tea was beautiful and delicious. I always forget to play with the flowering teas I have, and I really should do it more often. It is truly tons of fun!

Hope you enjoyed!



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