Here’s To Trying

I really love outfit posts I have seen in other blogs. I like to get an inside look into how other fashion-minded girls put outfits together. Plus I love seeing other people put together outfits with styles I don’t know how to utilize or simply can’t pull off.

So my point here is I really want to get into the habit of doing outfit posts of my own in the hopes that someday someone will appreciate them. That being said I don’t really have a good setup to produce decent outfit photos. I don’t own a tripod and my apartment is very crowded which leads me to a makeshift set-up in my boyfriend’s apartment (which unfortunately has the worst lighting known to man).

But I am going to be an optimist here and push forward!

This is what I wore yesterday for a lazy Sunday on vacation from school. I was going for something comfy and warm because it is still pretty cold here in NJ and it was Sunday after-all.

I originally started without the belt, but decided this outfit needed a splash of color so it didn’t look like I was going to a funeral! Here is a close up look at it:

Credit where Credit is Due – Dress: H&M; Belt: JCrew; Tights: Banana Republic; Boots: Forever21

If you are reading this feel free to comment on how this outfit could be improved. I am always looking to evolve my style a little bit at a time.



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