52 Teas: A Six Part Series

First off, if you like tea and you haven’t heard of 52 teas you should really check them out (http://www.52teas.com). They have some of the most innovative and interesting teas I have ever seen. I have had the pleasure of tasting a few and they are delicious. If you want to know a little bit more about the type teas the offer then read this series!

I won an awesome contest held by 52 teas, a free 6-week subscription plan! That means I get 6 free pouches of tea. I am going to review them all here (one a week) and on steepster.com. I am super excited because I love love love trying new teas! I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Week 1: Spiced Orappangele

(Image curtsey of 52teas.com)

I am going to start off by saying I love the way this tea looks and smells. I love when I can see little bits of fruits and spice in my tea. I know that these are mostly unnecessary for flavor, but it still makes me happy! This tea also smells lovely both loose and steeped. Loose it smells fruity and spicy. It kind of reminds me of an apple cinnamon baked good. Once the tea is steeped it morphs into an apple cider scent, but with a little twist that I am assuming is the orange peel.

The first sip tasted like cinnamon, and then WHAM orange, followed by apple with a finishing note of green tea. This tea literally morphs in your mouth. As it cools I am getting more of a green tea flavor with a fruity cinnamon note.

Even though it is March and thus much closer to spring than fall (thank god!!!); I am picturing this tea as the ultimate fall afternoon tea. I can’t help, but imagine drinking this on the first truly cold day of fall wrapped up in a blanket with a big piece of apple pie.

Overall this tea gets a definite thumbs up from me! Plus it gets bonus points because the word Orappangele makes me smile! I can’t wait to find out which tea I receive next week!!



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