Just Because There Are Flowers Doesn’t Mean It’s Spring

Today was the first day of classes back from Spring Break. It decided to be disgustingly cold and rainy outside, a little reminder that Spring is not here yet. Other than that it was a good first day back. I am looking forward to finishing up these last few weeks.

Yesterday I wore one of my favorite floral skirts to try and remember what Spring is like. The pictures didn’t come out the greatest, and on top of that every time I tried to edit out the red-eye my whole head went grey???

Credit where Credit is Due: Sweater – Forever 21; Skirt – No idea; Tights – Banana Republic (I think); Boots – Urban Outfitters; Necklace – Modcloth

In other news: I got contacts! Or rather I should say I got contacts again. I wore them all throughout high school, but I have been wearing glasses for the last 2 years or so. I am not sure if the contacts will be an everyday thing because I love my glasses, but I will say it was quite nice not having glasses getting all fogged up in the rain today!

Now I am off to finish up my cup of tea and hopefully get some homework done before it is time to make dinner.



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