Wonderful Wednesday

I decided to make Wonderful Wednesday a weekly feature because everyone needs a little optimism in the middle of the week. So here are 8 reasons why this Wednesday was wonderful:

1. A package from Forever 21 arrived today (I don’t get packages every Wednesday – I swear!).

2. Moroccan Mint tea to warm up from the rain.

3. Caramel Craze Ice Cream.

4. Sleeping in til 10am (much needed!).

5. 68 fun google reader items waiting when I got back from class! (I love getting updates from all the blogs follow!).

6. Family Guy (how can Stewie not make you smile).

7. Hail (I know I’m weird but I think hail is cool).

8. 2 issues of Glamour, 2 issues of Lucky, and 1 issue of Vegetarian Times to catch up on this weekend.




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