52 Teas: A Six Part Series (3)

I got my third tea from 52 Teas yesterday. I would have tried it then, but I got it later in the afternoon and its a black tea. Also to be honest, I was semi (okay really) afraid to try this blend! I managed to work up the courage to give it a whirl today when I got home from work.

LiberTea’s Tomato, Basil, Black Pepper Black Tea by 52 Teas

(image courtesy of 52teas.com)

This tea looks bizarre because it looks like a normal black tea and then there are these huge pieces of sun-dried tomato! Before steeping the tea smells mostly like sun-dried tomatoes with a hint of lapsang souchoung. Post infusion the tea smells like tomato soup!

Upon first sip these words popped into my head: Salt, Tomato, Strong Black tea. I think that the tomato is the first thing that I taste in the tea but the black tea has a very strong presence (which I like). I am not getting much black pepper flavor, and I wasn’t getting the basil flavor. Then all of a sudden in between sips my mouth tasted of basil. It was strange but refreshing. A pleasant aftertaste!

I don’t think I could drink this every day, but I think it would make an awesome soup base.  I might try to use it as a substitute for vegetable broth some time.  I think it would be super yummy and add this nice smokey black tea flavor.

All in all I am glad I got to try this extremely strange cup of tea!

Goodnight all!




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