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Almost Adventurous

Today I went to the mall with Jim with the intention of seeing the movie Water for Elephants. We knew it was a Dine-in-Theater, but when we got there it was so weird looking. The whole outside part was a huge bar. Apparently you buy you tickets at this little computer thing and then you go in and sit at a table. You press a button and then a server comes (even if you just want popcorn or a water or something). We thought it was really strange sounding and we were kind of worried all of the food ordering and serving would ruin the movie.

We ultimately decided to skip the movie and try again another time. I love going to the movie theater, but I only ever seem to get to go about once a year. The last movie I saw in theaters was Harry Potter 7. That is actually a whole other story I won’t go into at the moment. Anyway since I go so infrequently I want the true movie theater experience (Popcorn. No lights. No waiters or tables. Awkward shared arm rests all the way!) Has anyone been to an AMC Dine-in-Theater that can tell me about it?

We ended up getting some ice cream instead. Well I got ice cream. Jim got a Snapple because he is a party pooper who doesn’t like sweets. Can you believe it? The boy doesn’t like sweets. Okay, he’ll eat them occasionally but still??

Oh and this is what I wore…

(I seemed to have decided to stand off to the side in all of my pictures today.)

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – H&M, Boots – Forever 21, Headband – Anthropologie

Wow, this post was longer than I intended it to be. Sorry for the rambling. Also I don’t know what is with my epically short sentences tonight.



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When it Rains it Pours

I had every intention of making an outfit post today, but apparently the weather did not like that idea. It seriously started down-pouring the second I stepped out of work. By the time I got home it looked like I had been swimming in my clothes for about an hour. Needless to say I had to change before I took outfit photos.

Instead I thought I would share a few items I just added to my summer wardrobe from Forever 21 (probably my last new additions for a little while).

1) A hat! I have always wanted a hat, but I never know how to wear them. I decided to take the plunge and finally purchase one. If you have any suggestions on how to wear it, please share. 2) A colorful clutch. It is for a wedding I am attending in June. I love the beading and the $20 price tag (I swear most clutches cost more than most purses???). 3) Sunglasses. I used to own a pair of sunglasses, but I have long since lost them. I am wearing contacts on and off so I thought I could use a new pair. 4) A spring jacket. I placed this order before NJ decided to jump wholeheartedly into summer weather. Hopefully there will be a few cool spring days yet.

Happy Almost Friday!


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Wonderful Wednesday

8 things that made today wonderful!

1. It is the last Wednesday of classes – Woot! (Just 3 more days of classes + finals and then I am a senior – SCARY).

2. Listening  to lots of Damien Jurado and Mountain Goats today.

3. Free cookies at work!

4. This is one of my last nights where I don’t have work to do before the homework explosion that is finals.

5. I finally did some laundry (now I just need to fold it).

6. I have a new Bones and House saved up to watch.

7. I am wearing pretty wedges (even if they did give me blisters they are still pretty awesome).

8. I had to make coffee at work today and I realized I have no idea how to make coffee.

How was everyone’s Wednesday?


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Over the Weekend

  • I wore shorts for the first time this season. I used to not be big on shorts but then I moved to a stuffy apartment in the city instead of an air-conditioned house by the ocean. Now shorts are my BFFs.

  • I tried to get Jim to take outfit photos outside with me. His response? Maybe if it was the Apocalypse and we were the only ones around….fighting zombies (I’ll keep trying).

  • I wrote a research paper on female dominance in lemurs. Have any questions on the topic? I am an expert as of 24 hours ago.

  • I played way too much of the iPhone game, rat on a skateboard. Anyone ever played it?

  • I ate yummy jalapeno and banana pepper pizza, Oreo cheesecake and jelly beans.

  • I was with my family in spirit for Easter.

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Jcrew, Tank – Jcrew, Shorts – Forever 21, Wedges – Forever 21

What did everyone else do this weekend?


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6 Things I Should Be Doing

Here are 6 things I should be doing instead of making this blog post:

1. Writing an outline for the 10 page research paper I have to write tomorrow on female dominance in lemurs. Anyone know anything about that topic because I sure don’t?

2. Cleaning out the fridge. This weekends leftovers are crowding out last weekends leftovers.

3. Organizing my spring/summer clothes. They are currently awkwardly half strewn in boxes where my winter clothes need to go.

4. Reading a few chapters in the book Lockdown America. It is a book on the changes in law and order from the 60s to the present. It is interesting, but depressing. Who wants to be depressed on a Saturday?

5. Doing pilates. I really want to get back into doing pilates again. I used to do them all the time. I think the last time I exercised may have been last June (whoops).

6. Doing laundry. Laundry is probably my least favorite chore, and therefore I let it pile up until my laundry basket is pretty much exploding.

Well, that was way more fun than all of the things I should be doing. All I have to say is at least it is Saturday and not Sunday. Tomorrow will be super fun (enter sarcasm). Anyone else have something they are procrastinating doing?


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Patience is a Virtue

I bought this maxi-dress with a Modcloth gift card that I received for Valentine’s Day, and I have been waiting and waiting to wear it. Even though I am only 5’2″ I have a thing for maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts. They make you feel so glamorous. I love the way the material swishes around when you walk – so much fun!

Anyway so today I got tired of waiting and decided to make the dress work for the 50 degree whether we are having in NJ. After numerous failed combinations, I went with this outfit. I think it converted the dress into something a little bit warmer quite nicely.

I had Jim snap these pictures on our way to On the Border. I think they came out a little better then my awkward stack of books setup. I may have to bother him for some more outfit photos soon.

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Modcloth, Cardigan – Jcrew, Belt – Forever 21, Boots – Forever 21

What is everyone up to this weekend?


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White Coffee Infusion

White Coffee Infusion – Chai by Teabean

When I saw the opportunity to try this new product on; I knew I had to try it. I had never heard of white coffee before, nor had I ever encounter coffee in teabags, or chai flavored coffee. It sounded super interesting and exciting to me.

First off the teabags are really heavy. Way heavier than normal pyramid teabags are. I took that as a good sign! When I opened the packaging I caught a whiff of a pretty standard chai tea scent. I smell all the typical spices that chai is associated with: cinnamon, ginger, etc. It smells quite yummy seeing as I adore spices and chai. Once the water hit the tea the scent immediately transformed to cinnamon oatmeal. Strange, but delicious none-the-less. Then when I removed the teabag I swear it smelled like peanut butter for a second. Yeah I know that makes no sense, but it really did. Not to worry though the tea still smells like a good old-fashioned cup of chai tea.

Now on to the flavor…

First sip impression: There is this earthy/woodsy taste, followed up by a distinctive chai flavor.

Once I took another sip the earthy/woodsy tone took on a little bit more of a coffee feel, but very very lightly. It kind of tastes like a cinnamon spice late, but with out the bitterness of coffee (or the calories). I am not a huge coffee person. I will drink a cup every now and again but mostly it has to be heavily sweetened and flavored to mask the unpleasant aftertaste. This tea is like all the fun of coffee with out the bitter after-taste.

I think anyone that likes chai tea and/or coffee will probably like this tea. It is truly unique. I love how it doesn’t taste like anything I have ever had before. I think I am going to try my second sample steeped at 10 minutes (this one was steeped for 5) and with a healthy splash of milk. I am betting it will be decadent.

And finally…

I took a couple of pictures while I was preparing this cup of tea. It is kind of hard to take a good picture of a wet tea bag (they happen to not be the prettiest thing in the world), but I tried.

Also I thought this dishtowel would be the perfect background for tea photo-shoots. What do you think? Too busy? Or appropriately thematic?


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