Wonderful Wednesday

It is time for another Wonderful Wednesday post. How was everyone’s Wednesday? Feel free to share some reasons why your Wednesday was Wonderful in comments!

Here are 8 reasons why my Wednesday was wonderful:

1. I finally took outfit photos of one of my favorite outfits!

2. I am going to put away some of my winter clothes today. Not everything, but its a start.

3. I received my last shipment of my 6-month Tea of the Month Club from Republic of tea (an awesome Christmas present from the boyfriend – thanks honey!).  The tea was Get Charged by Republic of Tea (just in time for finals!)

4. I also received my 4th sample of Ginger Peach Black Tea by Republic of Tea since it was the last shipment. This is awesome because I like this tea, but not enough to buy. Apparently I don’t even need to – haha.

5. I finally got around to finding a bunch of sources for my 10 page research paper that is due on Monday. Yeah I know…procrastination is not my friend.

6. I am wearing a new dress (that I actually also got for Christmas). I am planning on doing an outfit post about that later.

7. I am also wearing a bracelet that was the first gift Jim ever gave me. It always make me smile.

8. Cherry tomatoes and mango lemonade.



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