Study. Shame. Summer.

I have been a very bad blogger the last couple of days. I basically spent all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday studying. However I have finished up two exams and a paper so my work load is a little lighter and hopefully I will have time to blog through the rest of my finals. I even forgot to do my Wonderful Wednesday post! I was kind of bummed about that. Anyway in the midst of finals I am really looking forward to the start of summer. So here are a few things I am excited about for this summer:

1) Reading LOTS of books. I never seem to have time to read for pleasure during the school year. Plus I always have so much reading for classes that even when I do have time I never can get myself to pick up a book.

2) Starting pilates again. I am really hoping to start doing pilates again this summer. They really make me feel healthy and energized. I also want to figure out how to work them into my school schedule next year!

3) Visiting  Chicago. I am heading to Chicago with my boyfriend for a week at the end of May. His cousin is getting married and I am looking forward to spending time with his family (his parents live there). I have only ever been to Chicago once and it was for Christmas. So I am looking forward to seeing it without all the snow and freezing temperatures.

4) Cooking more! I love to cook and bake but dinner is often rushed during the school year. I am hoping to experiment with a couple of recipes with my free time.

5) DIY jewelry. I used to play around with making my own bracelets and necklaces in high school and I really want to get back into that again. It is fun, relaxing and you get unique jewelry out of it!

Anyone else looking forward to summer yet?



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