Wonderful Wednesday

Guess what?……..

It is time for another Wonderful Wednesday!!

1. I found out yesterday that I got straight A’s this semester. Now that may sound like bragging, but seriously this semester sucked (like cry 3 times a week cause I have so much work, kind of sucked). It was definitely my hardest semester yet in college. Finding out that it was all worth it was really something.

2. I also found out yesterday that I won a contest for a $250 amazon gift card! I still have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to process, but not gonna lie I am pretty excited! (What would you buy?)

3. I found the last bit of my beloved Caramel Black Tea from Adagio yesterday and I had it for breakfast this morning. It tastes like liquid caramel, but without sugar or calories.

4. I took some pictures for my new feature!

5. I am heading home this weekend so I get to see my family.

6. My little brother left on his 8th grade trip to Washington today (he is getting so big!).

7. I still have half of the cake I baked the other day left (yum!)

8. I am finished with about 90% of the cleaning I wanted to get done this week!



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