A Few Favorites

Daily Favorites

Time for my first edition of A Few Favorites! I decided to start with some of my favorite things I use every day!

  1. Hair ties – They are the perfect hair accessory. Buns, ponytails, half-up, braids, pig tails. You name it and these little guys can create the perfect hair day. Also this is the kind without those little metal things. When I discovered that they made hair ties without little metal things, it was a glorious day. Metal + curls do not mix!
  2. Gum – I am pretty much addicted to gum. It drives me crazy when I run out and can’t make it to the store. Therefore I pretty much always try to keep one of the big packs of gum around.
  3. One a Day Vitamins  – I have been a vegetarian about four and a half years. Since I became a vegetarian I have tried to take a vitamin every day. I try to eat healthy and get all the nutrients I need from food, but sometimes it is hard with a college diet.
  4. DKNY perfume – I adore the scent of this perfume. It is sweet and fruity and not in the least bit overpowering. Not to mention the fact that it was a gift from Jim, making it extra special!
  5. Organix Coconut Conditioner – My hair can be really fussy and this conditioner does wonders to tame it. Plus it smells AMAZING!!! Seriously if you have curly (or dry) hair – try this stuff out!
  6. Mango Hand Lotion – My hands always get really dry in the winter and from cleaning products and such. I always keep some kind of hand lotion around to try and combat that. This one is my favorite because it smells yummy.
  7. Camera Case –  Well to be honest it is actually an iPod case, but it fits my little camera perfectly. I believe it is from Free People.

Thus ends my first edition of A Few Favorites. Feel free to share what some of your daily favorites are!


P.S. I can’t decide whether Daily Favorites should be the title or the subtitle. Any opinions?


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