Wonderful Wednesday

It’s time for Wonderful Wednesday Chicago Edition.

1. I am loving this photo:

2. Today is my 2 year 7 month anniversary with Jim! (yes we track by month)

3. I tried a magnum ice cream bar for the first time today. Yum!

4. The Heat won last night!

5. My family got a new puppy!! His name is Katahdin and he is a malamute.


6. I made homemade creme brûlée today!

7. Heading to Indianapolis this weekend for the wedding (never been there before).

8. I played jarts, frisbee and went on a bike ride today (man am I out of shape!!)

Hope everyone is have a fun filled Wednesday!!!


P.S. This post was made on my phone…please forgive any typos or picture awkwardness.


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