5 Wonderful Websites

Time for my second edition of A Few Favorites. Today I am going to talk about my favorite websites!

  1. Last.fm – This is a really cool website for anyone that likes music. It keeps track of the music you listen to and makes lists of your top artists and top tracks. It gets really interesting after you have had an account for awhile. Then you can face the shame of listening to that really dorky radio song 100+ times last month! It also has a social networking component which can help you find new music to love. My username is iheartjim.
  2. Steepster – This is a site all about tea! For the most part it is a tea review site. You can write tasting notes, read other’s notes, participate in tea swaps, and get cool coupon codes from tea companies. It is really a nice little tea community. Also if you are a tea newbie, this is an awesome place to discover new teas!
  3. Dropbox – I am not exactly sure whether to consider this a website or an application, but regardless it is a life-altering service. Essentially what it does is stores all your important files online. That means that if your computer’s hard-drive decides to die, all of your most important files are safe and sound. This also means that you can now access your documents from any computer you want (no more toting around flash-drives for power-point presentations). You get a certain amount of space free and you can bump that number through referrals. You can also pay for more space, but I have been using it for all personal and school related documents for two and a half years and I am still only using about 50% of my allotted space (also don’t worry they won’t charge you if you go over the limit).
  4. Pixlr – This is a photo-editing site. It’s free, it works and it is relatively easy to use. Need I say more?
  5. Pinterest – On this website you make “pinboards”. There is a little button that goes in your web browser’s toolbar and you can grab various pictures from around the internet. I mostly pin pictures of clothes I am obsessed with and food that looks delicious. You can also use the site for gift ideas, wedding planning, decorating and fashion inspiration, or really whatever you want. My user name on the site is apurpledress.

I would love to hear about other people’s favorite websites. Feel free to share in comments!




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