6 Things

I really want to make a post today. I am just in the mood to blog – you know? Unfortunately I don’t have any outfit photos to share. I haven’t taken any interesting photos lately. I have been making the same old food and drinking the same old tea.

Therefore I am going to make a list of 6 random things you may not know about me. I really like when other blogs do these kinds of posts, and I think it is a great topic for a blog post (except for the fact that 50% of my readership is my boyfriend Jim and he probably knows these things), but I am going to proceed anyway.

1. I am a horrible speller. Spell check is a life saver. I also tend to misspell simple words and perfectly nail longer complicated ones. Australopithecus (no problem), but definitely (pretty much always forget an “i”).

2. I love blueberry muffins. I could eat them for breakfast every day and not get sick of them.

3. I am the oldest of my siblings. My brother is 6 years younger than me and my sister is 10 years younger than me. I am also the oldest of my 14 cousins.

4. I am pretty sure that I cause computers to die. When I was a freshman in college my laptop decided to die during finals (this was a computer I got for college!). Then Jim’s computer also decided to die during finals. It turns out my computer had a faulty hard drive. So I had it replaced and then it started overheating. Still not convinced? I then dropped that laptop and shattered the screen. Then I managed to spill water on my replacement laptop. That laptop is luckily still alive. However then Jim’s replacement computer’s hard drive started overheating. I swear I am cursed or something.

5. I like a lot of TV series. Seriously I can watch an embarrassing amount of TV. Among my current favorites are: Bones, House, Fringe, Modern Family, Nikita, Mike & Molly, The Mentalist. I could probably go on, but I won’t.

6. I grew up 1.1 miles away from the beach. I could literally bike or walk there whenever I wanted, but I don’t particularly like the beach. Give me a rocky swimming hole over a sandy beach any day.



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  1. #1 by meanz on June 26, 2011 - 12:42 am

    I love blueberry muffins too!

    • #2 by Caitlin on June 26, 2011 - 6:35 pm

      Yum…now I am thinking about them and I want one – haha.

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