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I wore this outfit on Friday and I was planning on doing an outfit over the weekend, but I just never got around to it. I went home for the weekend and had a great time visiting with my family. I took a walk around the grounds of my old high school with Jim and my brother, Shane and sister, Kylie. I got to see Shane play baseball for a little bit on Sunday. I also got to meet my family’s new puppy. Overall it was a very nice weekend.

I can’t believe how big Shane and Kylie are getting. Every time I go home, they seem exponentially older. Their is something truly magically about having younger siblings. It is almost like getting to view your childhood from an outside perspective.

Anyway I am going to move away from the nostalgic rambling about my family and move on to my outfit photos before I start missing them too much. The top and skirt I am wearing are both from my little solo-shopping trip last Thursday. I love wearing all my new clothes at once. Both of these pieces are very different looks for me: a full length belted skirt AND a cropped ruffled blouse! Who is putting together these outfits?? Blogging is clearly influencing my style – in a good way of course!

IMG 4429

IMG 4431

IMG 4422

Credit where Credit is Due: Top: Finale; Skirt: Finale; Belt: came with the skirt; Sandals: Bakers Shoes; Headband: Anthropologie

Okay just a few pictures of my cute siblings. First up, Shane getting ready to bat and Kylie looking exasperated and hot (poor youngest child always getting dragged to games).

IMG 4442

IMG 4438



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