Wonderful Wednesday

Today is wonderful…

1. Because the song Promises (Sxrillex Remix) by Nero is awesome. Here is a link to the song on hype machine since I can’t actually share the song.

2. Because of days that look like this:

NH  June 2010 176

3. Because I finished the picture project I have been working on. I think I will do a DIY post at some point in the future.

4. Because it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday!

5. Because of this photograph of green dumplings (they were gross FYI):

IMG 0603

6. Because I always smile better when Jim takes my outfit photos.

IMG 4456

7. Because I am almost finished with The Girl Who Played with Fire. Such an awesome series.

8. Because I plan to bake cookies and baking cookies is always a happy occasion.

Stop to remember the wonders of life every single day…”I’m gonna lock ’em up tight and eat jam out of the jar all night / ’cause life is to short to make toast or use spoons or napkins” – Mountain Goats.



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