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Wonderful Wednesday

Time for another Wonderful Wednesday post! So here are 8 reasons why today is wonderful:

1. Today is the last day of summer which is kind of bitter sweet, but I plan to enjoy it.

2. I only have one day of classes this week which is kind of an awesome first week.

3. I baked cookies this morning and I plan on eat lots of them!

4. I am finally caught up on the 3 magazines I am subscribed to. Just in time for school.

5. The upcoming weekend is a 3-day one!

6. I plan to paint my nails with purple stripes later today!

7. I ordered myself some new makeup the other day. I think the last time I got any new makeup was almost 4 years ago!

8. Tomorrow is my 2 year 9 month anniversary with Jim (yeah we are one of those couples – hehe).

Happy Wednesday!



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Autumn Goals

School starts back up this week. Well kind of…I have classes on Thursday, then not again until Tuesday. I don’t have Friday classes and Monday is labor day so it is an awkward first week of school. Anyway since school is about to start, I thought it would be fun to do some fall goals.

Impossible (Source)

1. Don’t let school stress me out so much.

2. Do pilates at least 2 times a week.

3. Keep up with laundry/picking up (Friday clean day?).

4. Make more time for friends and family.

5. Get excited about one thing every day.

6. Bake pumpkin flavored things, eat cinnamon flavored things and drink yummy tea!

7. Enjoy my last year of college!


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Beautiful Bows & Wretched Wraps

I know that I am supposed to love wrap dresses. I know that they are supposed to look great on every body type and be the best type of dress. However I really have a strong dislike for wrap dresses. This is the only wrap dress I own and I only like it because of its bright color and pretty scarf belt. Maybe its because I am 5’2″ or maybe I am some kind of ill-proportioned freak of nature, but wrap dresses never fit me right. The top is always to low, the waist never hits my natural waist, and don’t even get me started on the fact that a gust of wind can completely unravel a wrap dress.

Moving on from my rant…This is what I wore on Wednesday, and despite my rambling it really is a cute little dress. The scarf is perfect for me because you don’t have to tie it in a bow. I am completely inept at tying pretty little bows. They are always floppy, lopsided and twisted. However this particular belt was made to be tied in this kind of drapey knot (or at least that is how the dress came and I am sticking to my story that a bow is not necessary).

IMG 5116

IMG 5109

IMG 5110

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Banana Republic; Wedges – Forever 21; Bracelet – a gift


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Wonderful Wednesday


Hello! Here are some reason why today was wonderful!!

1. I had very strange kiwi tea with breakfast. It kind of tasted like liked green apple jolly ranchers.

2. It has been getting a little cooler out lately. There have actually been multiple times in the past week that I wished I was wearing a light jacket! If it was always in-between 65 and 75 degrees I would be a very happy person.

3. I have recently become addicted to Nat Geo Wild. It has all of these cool specials about animals. So far my favorite was one on blue whales.

4. My boyfriend fixed my computer. Previously it was impossible for me to use any web browser for more than 15 minutes without it crashing. That boy is seriously a genius when it comes to computers!

5. My school finally stopped spamming me with emails. Yesterday something went wrong with my school’s email system and it resent ever email I have received since the second semester of my freshman year. I literally got hundreds and hundreds of emails from 3 years ago.

6. I made more ice pops! I seriously am in love with my little ice pop molds. I made root beer float pops, chocolate vanilla swirl pops, and peanut butter cup pops – yum!

7. Yesterday I found out that one of my classes doesn’t require textbooks. Major relief considering all my other classes seem to require multiple books in the $50-$200 range – ouch!

8. I am wearing an extremely bright blue dress. Its pretty darn hard to have a bad day in a bright color.

Why was your day wonderful?


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You Are My Sunshine

I wore this outfit on Saturday to lunch with my boyfriend at On the Border. His lunch must have been really yummy because he agreed to take outfit photos outside for me!

I want this dress in every color. I don’t really like it by its self, but I love it as a layering piece. In the fall its perfect with tights and a plaid button down. In the summer its perfect for tank tops I am otherwise at a loss of how to wear.

IMG 5103

IMG 5104

IMG 5099

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Urban Outfitters; Tank – Forever 21; Necklace – Urban Outfitters; Wedges – Forever 21

Happy Monday!


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This Weekend…

I plan to help Jim celebrate the fact that he finally finished his summer semester (just 2 weeks before the fall one starts)…

With a Lord of the Rings marathon…

Because we’re cool like that…

Be Jealous.


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I realized I have some outfit photos I forgot to share from the other day. I think they are from Monday maybe. I also realized I forgot to do my Wonderful Wednesday post. I promise I will be better at posting Wonderful Wednesday posts actually on Wednesday when school starts back up again.

First the outfit:

IMG 5088

IMG 5083

IMG 5084

Credit where Credit is Due: Top – small store in NH; Jeans – Calvin Klein via Macys; Wedges – Forever 21; Necklace – Urban Outfitters; Bracelet – Urban Outfitters

Now on to Wonderful Wednesday (rather Thursday):

1. I finally got a haircut! (I am making that face because of the sun not due to dislike of the haircut).

Photo  1

2. I got the book I am currently reading on iBooks as well. I can read it anywhere now!

3. I have yummy yellow cake with chocolate frosting in my fridge.

4. It decided to get sunny right when I left for my haircut today.

5. I finally did laundry yesterday. Yay clean clothes!

6. Jim finished his summer semester yesterday. I am very happy for him. He only has 3 classes left til graduation.

7. I tested out my new Holga camera today. I obviously can’t see how the pictures came out, but it was fun.

8. I recently purchased popsicle molds and I have tons of ideas on how to use them.


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