Wonderful Wednesday!

I feel like I haven’t done a Wonderful Wednesday post in so long!! It’s really only been two weeks, but I have missed my happy little posts.

On to why today is a wonderful day!

1. I loaded film into my Holga camera that I got for my birthday. It was quite a confusing process, but I think I succeeded. I can’t wait to try out the camera.

2. I have a new came to play called Terraria. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it seems neat.

3. I started reading Wheel of Time again. (Yes, that is two very nerdy things in a row – I’m okay with it).

4. I am going to order new notebooks for the new semester soon. I pretty much have an obsession with new school supplies. (Okay make that three nerdy things).

5. I had Mango Black Tea from thepuriTea with breakfast. It is seriously the most fantastically fruity tea I have ever had. So yummy.

6. I had cotton candy gogurt at lunch today. Does anyone else remember gogurt?

7. I finally ironed my white button down shirt. I haven’t worn it in months (I HATE ironing).

8. I got a giant Lucky magazine in the mail on Monday and I giant Glamour magazine in the mail today! (What can I say I love my fashion magazines).



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