August Storms

IMG 5032

I love August thunderstorms. I think that they are truly one of the best things in life. There are two types of August storms. There are the ones that occur in a flash. When it is a brilliantly sunny and burning hot day, and all of a sudden seemingly out of now where it starts to downpour. As if to wash away the heat of the afternoon. The other kind of thunderstorm is the kind that lasts all day long. The day is dark and cozy and just gray and cool enough to remind you that fall is just around the corner.

Sometimes its nice to have a break from summer sun and relax inside safe from the storm. Today was one of those perfectly rainy days full of cups of tea, good books, and favorite pairs of jeans.

IMG 5073

I wanted to take outfit photos (seeing as I haven’t done so in awhile), but unfortunately the aforementioned grayness makes that pretty much impossible, but I’ll take it as a small price to pay.

I plan to spend my night making jalapeno grilled cheese, helping my boyfriend with his homework, and perhaps watching a movie. All in all a perfect rainy day.



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