I realized I have some outfit photos I forgot to share from the other day. I think they are from Monday maybe. I also realized I forgot to do my Wonderful Wednesday post. I promise I will be better at posting Wonderful Wednesday posts actually on Wednesday when school starts back up again.

First the outfit:

IMG 5088

IMG 5083

IMG 5084

Credit where Credit is Due: Top – small store in NH; Jeans – Calvin Klein via Macys; Wedges – Forever 21; Necklace – Urban Outfitters; Bracelet – Urban Outfitters

Now on to Wonderful Wednesday (rather Thursday):

1. I finally got a haircut! (I am making that face because of the sun not due to dislike of the haircut).

Photo  1

2. I got the book I am currently reading on iBooks as well. I can read it anywhere now!

3. I have yummy yellow cake with chocolate frosting in my fridge.

4. It decided to get sunny right when I left for my haircut today.

5. I finally did laundry yesterday. Yay clean clothes!

6. Jim finished his summer semester yesterday. I am very happy for him. He only has 3 classes left til graduation.

7. I tested out my new Holga camera today. I obviously can’t see how the pictures came out, but it was fun.

8. I recently purchased popsicle molds and I have tons of ideas on how to use them.



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