Wonderful Wednesday


Hello! Here are some reason why today was wonderful!!

1. I had very strange kiwi tea with breakfast. It kind of tasted like liked green apple jolly ranchers.

2. It has been getting a little cooler out lately. There have actually been multiple times in the past week that I wished I was wearing a light jacket! If it was always in-between 65 and 75 degrees I would be a very happy person.

3. I have recently become addicted to Nat Geo Wild. It has all of these cool specials about animals. So far my favorite was one on blue whales.

4. My boyfriend fixed my computer. Previously it was impossible for me to use any web browser for more than 15 minutes without it crashing. That boy is seriously a genius when it comes to computers!

5. My school finally stopped spamming me with emails. Yesterday something went wrong with my school’s email system and it resent ever email I have received since the second semester of my freshman year. I literally got hundreds and hundreds of emails from 3 years ago.

6. I made more ice pops! I seriously am in love with my little ice pop molds. I made root beer float pops, chocolate vanilla swirl pops, and peanut butter cup pops – yum!

7. Yesterday I found out that one of my classes doesn’t require textbooks. Major relief considering all my other classes seem to require multiple books in the $50-$200 range – ouch!

8. I am wearing an extremely bright blue dress. Its pretty darn hard to have a bad day in a bright color.

Why was your day wonderful?



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