Back to School

Today was the first day back to school. I had 3 classes today and then I don’t have classes again until Tuesday! It was a pretty good first day back. Here is a random summary of things that happened today:

– There was a tree down across the main path to the building where my first two classes were. Well in the morning there was a truck trying to prevent the tree from falling on students and by the afternoon it was across the path.

– One of my professors read the syllabus (literally read the entire syllabus) for the whole class. I don’t really need to know exactly what I am gonna learn on November 7th.

– My school keeps cutting back buses due to budget cuts, yet they magically came up with the funds for brand new buses with a really annoying announcement systems.

– I got a cup of my favorite school time tea on the way to my first class this morning.

– I also made use of this adorable water bottle from Modcloth.

Overall I liked my 3 classes from today. Hopefully that trend continues! In case you were wondering I had an Anthropology statistics course, a Primatology course, and a course on the history of the future. Sorry if this post is a little all over the place. I haven’t had to do much thinking the past 3 months.



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