Weddings Weddings and More Weddings

It seems that everyone has decided to get married lately. Jim’s (my fiancé’s) cousin got married this June in Indiana. Jim was a groomsman in that wedding and then his sister’s tied the knot at the end of September. On top of that Jim’s brother is getting married in February. For those of you that aren’t good with dates (like me – haha) that does in fact mean that Jim, his brother and his sister are all getting married within a 13 month period! Needless to say it is a little bit wedding crazy here.

The funny thing is that before this summer the last wedding I attended was in 2003 and I had just turned 13! Now it has seemed that there is always a wedding to be looking forward to. I am definitely not complaining. Juts check out all the pretty dresses I have been getting to wear!

The June Wedding:

IMG 4168

IMG 1335

The September Wedding:

IMG 5133

IMG 5187

Jim actually stealthy asked my parents permission to marry me at this wedding! I had a no idea and he proposed about a week later.

The February Wedding:

I’ll be wearing this dress from Modcloth.

Screen Shot 2011 11 27 at 4 46 01 PM

Our Wedding:

To Be Decided 🙂


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