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Happy New Years Eve!

I just wanted to do a quick post about the impending New Year and reflecting on the old one. 2011 was truly a great year:

It involved consumption of dozen’s of jalapeno pizzas.

Img 30371

And hundreds of cups of tea.

Img 2556

The beginning of this blog.

Img 24941

A bunch of outfit posts.

Close up

A big birthday.

An engagement!

Photo Oct 02 2 28 05 PM

An accidental blog break.

52 Wonderful Wednesdays (and not nearly so many Wonderful Wednesday posts).

Lots of yummy baking.


My first professional football game.


Some Christmas crafts.


And lifetimes of fun and happiness.


I have a feeling 2012 will be even better!

Happy New Years everyone!



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Feeling Crazy

I have some more outfit photos!! These are from a while ago. I can’t remember exactly when. They were at some point before finals, but everything in the past 2 weeks is pretty much just a blur of studying and Christmas preparation.

This outfit is a little out there, but I like it anyway. I have really been enjoying wearing my hair in a top knot lately. If I wear my hair in a traditional bun, I kind of look like I have no hair in photos, so you know this fixes that.

Anyway here are the pictures:

IMG 5618

IMG 5626

IMG 5629

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress: Modcloth; Shirt: From my Mom; Tights: DKNY (via Macy’s); Wedges: Forever 21; Hair Bow: Won in Contest


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Brown Paper Packages

First off…Merry Christmas!!

This year I decided to DIY my Christmas wrapping. I love gift giving and I love wrapping. So I figured why not?

I bought some Christmas stamps, ink, brown paper, and green yarn from I think that my presents came out pretty well for a first try!


IMG 5659

IMG 5662


IMG 5676

IMG 5688

IMG 5701

The Whole Gang:

IMG 5706

IMG 5710

What do you think? Have you ever made your own wrapping paper?


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Out of Town

I am heading to Chicago to spend some time with my fiancé’s family! I am gonna try and schedule some posts while I am gone (crossing my fingers that it works!).

I am gonna throw in some pictures from my family Christmas party because this post looks boring!

Here are all my cousins on my Dad’s side (I’m the oldest):

IMG 5736

And here is my littlest cousin, so cute!

IMG 5753

I hope everyone has a spectacular holiday season!


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Wonderful Wednesday

Today was wonderful because it was my last day of finals!!!!!!

Only one more semester and then I am DONE!!!!

And also today was Jim’s last day ever!

So overall it was a pretty awesome day!!

More extensive posts to come.


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Lately I have been:

Attempting to prepare for 5 finals at once.

3 of which are on Monday….

Simultaneously I have been trying to get all my Christmas presents ready for my family Christmas party this weekend (worst timing ever? I think so!).

And I have been trying to have a life too (this somehow gets left behind).

I might be quiet for the next couple of days…

But come Wednesday I will be one happy girl with lots of saved up posts.

If this was at all coherent I am proud (my brain hurts).


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Wonderful Wednesday!


Its Wednesday and its Wonderful. Here’s Why:

1) Caramel Apple Cake for breakfast.

2) No classes!

3) Garlicky Mashed Potatoes for dinner (here is the recipe I based them off of expect minus the apples, minus 2 sweet potatoes, plus 1 one regular potato, milk instead of leftover water).

4) I managed to get some outfit photos taken today – woot!

5) I powered through a good portion of my hardest review sheet.

6) I am almost done with Christmas shopping!

7) I am wearing a hair bow and this automatically makes a day good.

8) I am lining up magazines and books to read starting 1 week from today (i.e. the last day of finals).

Why was your Wednesday Wonderful?


*Edit* So I just noticed I did that thing again and its Friday…So yeah.

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