Wonderful Wednesday!


Its Wednesday and its Wonderful. Here’s Why:

1) Caramel Apple Cake for breakfast.

2) No classes!

3) Garlicky Mashed Potatoes for dinner (here is the recipe I based them off of expect minus the apples, minus 2 sweet potatoes, plus 1 one regular potato, milk instead of leftover water).

4) I managed to get some outfit photos taken today – woot!

5) I powered through a good portion of my hardest review sheet.

6) I am almost done with Christmas shopping!

7) I am wearing a hair bow and this automatically makes a day good.

8) I am lining up magazines and books to read starting 1 week from today (i.e. the last day of finals).

Why was your Wednesday Wonderful?


*Edit* So I just noticed I did that thing again and its Friday…So yeah.


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