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Terrific Thursday

Jim was really upset that I never came back for my Wonderful Wednesday post like I said I would on Tuesday. I really meant to, but it seemed that everything was going wrong yesterday (locking myself out of my apartment, deleting homework assignments, etc.) and then it was night and I was tired. Anyway he suggested I do a Terrific Thursday post instead!

So here it goes. Today is terrific because:

1) I don’t have any classes tomorrow.

2) Or work.

3) I had yummy leftover homemade carrot soup and focaccia bread for dinner.

4) And I have “homemade” brownies for dessert (they’re really Trader Joe’s brownies that came as pre-made batter you just had to pour in a pan so homemade is probably a bit of a stretch).

5) I am taking the next two days as mental health days with no homework or wedding planning or apartment hunting or job hunting or cleaning or cooking anything more complicated than frozen pizza. It is a much needed mini-vacation that I am really looking forward to.

6) Steam is finally getting an iPhone app which probably has no relevance to most people reading this, but its still awesome.

7) It looks like my reading load for the semester actually isn’t too bad so I might actually be able to read some “real” books (maybe…)

8) I pretty much put this on every Wonderful Wednesday post, but there is just something extra special about a cup of tea on a cold rainy day like today.

I hope everyone had a terrific day!



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Desert Snow

I have an outfit post!! I am kind of sad that they are few and far between lately because I really like doing them, but I’ll take what I can get.

I wore this outfit on Saturday, i.e. the first true snow of the winter! I wore it hanging around my apartment all day and then to dinner with my friends later in the night. I think the entire outfit is made up of new items from Christmas presents. I really love wearing a bunch of new clothes at once. It makes an outfit feel extra special – does anyone else feel that way.

IMG 6003

IMG 5997

IMG 6002

IMG 6007

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – gift; Boots – gift; Tights – gift; Headband – gift

I have been settling into the semester so my posts have been few and far between, but I think I am getting my schedule down now so post should pick back up.

See you tomorrow with a Wonderful Wednesday post!


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Wonderful Wednesday


Today was Wonderful because:

1) I don’t have any classes today (or Friday).

2) My first day of my last semester is complete and my classes seem good so far.

3) It appears I will only have 1 final this semester! An awesome relief after last semesters 5 finals in 3 days craziness.

4) I found a wedding dress!!!!!

5) My sister keeps face-time calling me which is kind of adorable.

6) Only 1 more day of classes this week, easy start.

7) I actually remembered to do my Wonderful Wednesday post on a Wednesday.

8) I have new vinyls to listen to, Okkervil River and Kansas.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


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I am going wedding dress shopping today (insert girlish squeal here)!!!!!!!!!

*These images are from BHLDN,, pinterest, and


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I just realized I didn’t do my Wonderful Wednesday post this week! I am spending this week visiting my family and it just completely slipped my mind, but better late than never – right??

This week is wonderful because…

1) I got to spend lots of time with my family!

2) I got a hilarious email from a professor informing us that since it was an online course we needed to be able to use a computer – apparently this is something people struggle with.

3) I have pink and purple polka dot nails!

4) I got some wonderful belated Christmas presents from my family.

5) My baby sister turns 12 next week – 12!!!

6) I am spending lots of time drinking tea, reading magazines, and chatting with my mom before school starts up again.

7) I actually have some pictures to include in this post.

8) My fiancé is joining me at my house tonight which is awesome because I miss him tons!


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A Lost Art


It wasn’t until I started wedding planning that I realized how truly few phone calls I make. Suddenly I have to call all these vendors and venues and churches and it feels so strange. I am definitely way too reliant on emails and text messages.

To be honest I don’t have much to say today, but I felt like making a post so I just started typing.

Lately I have been wedding planning and enjoying my last week of vacation and in other news I am getting new glasses. I am gonna try Warby Parkers home try on program. Hopefully I find a pair I like.

In other other news:

  • I have been utterly failing at taking pictures with my actual camera lately.
  • is a super awesome way to listen to music.
  • That picture at the top of my post has absolutely nothing to do with this post (see bullet point 1).

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got today. This post isn’t of the highest quality, but I can live with that.

Have a supurb day!




Magnificent Furniture

One last post with pictures from Chicago. While I was there I went shopping with my future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law. One of the places we went was this amazing furniture store. Most of the furniture is pretty expensive, but then they have amazing clearance sales (and by amazing I mean $1 frames, $5 pillows, and buy $250 worth of items get $250 free!).

I obviously didn’t buy anything while there (planes, budgets, lack of room, etc.), but here are some of the pieces I was drooling over.

If only such a place existed in NJ…


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