Wonderful Wednesday

I am here on Wednesday to do my Wonderful Wednesday post – woot! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It has been a busy week. I am hoping to make a couple of posts over the next few of days.

Moving on…today is wonderful because:

1) I have 2 sets of outfit photos to post!

2) I have a new recipe to try for dinner.

3) I have 3 new pairs of tights! All my old ones were starting to get holes.

4) 60+ degree days in January and February!

5) I have just recently discovered the amazingness of puff pastry.

6) Natural hair that does way better in the winter than summer.

7) Amazon prime videos, like netflix but with the added benefit of getting all your items from amazon shipped free in 2 days.

8) My newly acquired 4 pack of 60 piece packages of eclipse gum. I have a gum addiction.

Off to go fold some laundry and start some dinner. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



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