Thoughts on the Summer

Last summer I made some goals and lets be honest I didn’t follow through on most of them, but this summer I am gonna try to make and follow through on some goals.

I don’t have a job lined up after graduation and while I am sure I will be quite busy with wedding planning – all and all I am doing absolutely nothing this summer. If anyone has ever experienced the phenomena of having nothing to do than you know that it can get quite boring and monotonous. After a few days of doing nothing the glamour of relaxation can wear off a little bit (or a lot).

I personally start losing motivation to much besides watch TV and sit around complaining about how bored I am. This summer my number one goal is to not be bored and to learn how to be fulfilled and happy without a job or school.

I have a list of simple things I would like to accomplish this summer, and if I remember to work towards them everyday than I should pretty much always have something to do.

Summer of 2012 Goals:

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

2. Eat Real Lunches (I have never been a person who has trouble eating breakfast or cooking myself dinner, but lunch I struggle with).

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

7. Bake Twice a Month

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

9. Find Something I Love to Do

10. Relax More and Smile More

To assure that I don’t fall back into my old habits of being lazy and bored I am going to create a little weekly feature here on this blog. Every week (I haven’t decided what day yet) I will make a little post tracking my progress towards my various goals and hopefully this will help me continuously work towards them.

What are your summer goals and plans?



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