Friday Update

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As I explained in this post I am working on completing some summer goals. Here is my first update post on my progress towards those goals! Also I decided to do the posts on Fridays because we all know that is the real end of the week!

Without further ado, here is how I did this week:

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

  • I read about 50 pages in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest

2. Eat Real Lunches

  • Wednesday – Had leftover pasta from night before as a cold pasta salad – win!
  • Thursday – Had a Starbucks frappuccino so not so much a lunch
  • Friday – Apple & peanut butter – well better than Thursday right?

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

  • Did so on Thursday!

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

  • Kind of – walked to do an errand on Thursday

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

  • Took some on Sunday May 6th and one day I will post them.

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

  • I don’t know if you can really call it a recipe because I kind just threw some things together, but it was pretty darn good. In case you were curious: pasta + parmesan + olive oil + onions + red peppers + garlic + basil

7. Bake Twice a Month

  • Yeah didn’t do that yet…

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

  • No real crafts but working on put together Save the Dates!

9. Find Something I Love to Do

  • I have been writing in an ideas journal – hopefully that will help.

10. Relax More and Smile More

  • I decided to not look at my reminders app for a 3 days (which may seem silly but seriously I check that thing like every 5 minutes)
  • I created a new ritual of tea and google reader every morning (so many lovely blogs to read)
  • I painted my nails on Wednesday (something I rarely do). I would also like to note that I answered the door & signed for a package in the middle of painting my nails without messing up a single one – I call that skills – haha.

P.S. I also decided I am gonna make a mini-goal every week to keep this interesting. So…

Mini Goal:

  • Try 2 new hair styles

All in all I think this was a pretty successful first week of summer and first week of goal completion (or rather progress).

Have a superb weekend!



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