Update Time!

As I explained in this post I am working on completing some summer goals. Here is this weeks update:

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

  • I read 82 pages in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest

2. Eat Real Lunches

  • I didn’t do so well with eating lunch this week mostly because I am running low on food. On Tuesday I had a peanut butter sandwich and other than that I had snacks like apples and luna bars and such. There is always next week.

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

  • No

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

  • I did some pilates this week.

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

  • Nope

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

  • Not this week.

7. Bake Twice a Month

  • Not yet but the month’s not over yet!

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

  • No but we sent out our save the dates & I picked bridesmaids dresses! I think those are some pretty fun milestones regardless.

9. Find Something I Love to Do

  • I have been focusing on enjoying relaxing and being okay with not having a definitive plan for the first time in my life.

10. Relax More and Smile More

  • See above

Mini Goal

Last weeks goal wastry two new hairstyles. I succeeded in this!

  • One side braid with a flower.

Photo  11

  • High messy ponytail.

Photo  12

Next Week Mini Goal

  • Take more photos!

I didn’t do the greatest at completing my goals this week. Lets hope I do a little better next week.

Have an awesome weekend.



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