Summer Goals: Update 4

As I explained in this post I am working on completing some summer goals. This is the last update of this month! Overall I think that it has been a pretty successful first month of summer. Of course I haven’t completed all of my goals every week, but I think I am making good progress.

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest! I think that was probably 300-400 pages this week. Its hard not to speed up reading when you get to the end of a good book.

I am currently looking for a new book to read next. I have been reading tons of samples on iBooks (best feature ever!).

2. Eat Real Lunches

This week’s lunch has been honey wheat bagels with honey nut cream cheese – yum!

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

I actually called twice! And I saw my whole family earlier in the week which was fun!

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

I walked on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. I also did pilates today! Go me!

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

Okay I haven’t done this… I also still haven’t managed to post those outfit pictures I took like a month ago.

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

I definitely exceeded this goal this month! I even made two new dishes this week.

I made a zucchini pasta dish with whole wheat pasta and seasoned with crushed red pepper, garlic sea salt, basil and parmesan. It was awesome!

I also made a zucchini and sweet potato stir fry seasoned with grounded mustard, garlic sea salt and paprika. It was quite yummy!

Next week maybe I will actually look up a recipe and then follow it – haha.

7. Bake Twice a Month

I really didn’t succeed at this at all. Its kind of hard to convince myself to turn on the oven lately even for the sake of cookies!

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

I really need step up the wedding craft making. I have been trying to organize gathering supplies. June is gonna have to be quite the crafty month!

9. Find Something I Love to Do

Lately I have been loving walking thats pretty much all I have so far.

10. Relax More and Smile More

Overall I think I have been doing pretty well at this throughout the month. Lets hope I can continue doing that.

Mini Goal

Last week my mini goal was to pick out an outside couch for my porch. I did this and I am super excited to get it and spend lots of time reading and drinking tea outside!

Next Week Mini Goal

  • Finish unpacking!

Overall a pretty great week. Here’s to an even better weekend (which will include my first Bridal Shower!).



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