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A Few Favorite Posts

This week for A Few Favorites I wanted to look back at my favorite posts. My blog is still relatively new so there isn’t that much to look back on but I still thought it would be a fun little exercise.

1. A Place to Start – This was my first ever blog post so obviously it holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention the fact that I am pretty much obsessed with that yellow flower picture.

2. 6 Things I Should Be Doing – This ode to procrastination pretty much always holds true.

3. 10 Songs I Could Listen to 10,000 times – I love music and I love sharing music. If only the free version of WordPress actually let you share music files… Actually I might like this music post better due to its sheer randomness.

4. 6 Things – This is the post to read if you want to get to know me a little better! Or this post because one’s taste in 90s television is truly the measure of their personality.

5. The One With Random Pictures – I love pictures, especially random pictures. Therefore I love this post and I need to take more pictures (how many times can we say pictures in 2 sentences?).

Reading through my old blog posts I have realized that a) the last time I painted my toenails was almost a month and I need to touch them up b) I need to step it up with the post titles (I like my earlier ones better) & c) the later I write my posts the longer and more rambling they are.

Truly deep realizations.

Have a spectacular night!



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A Few Favorites

Sorry I have been a little bit lax about posting lately, however it is 4th of July weekend. Sometimes you just have to relax and not think about blogging – right?

Anyway it is time for another edition of A Few Favorites.This week I am going to talk about my favorite stores. Nothing revolutionary, just where I like to buy my clothing.

1) Modcloth – Is there anyone who doesn’t love Modcloth? I am pretty sure the sell the prettiest dresses known to man. Plus they always look super unique and aren’t ridiculously overpriced. It is kind of like Anthropologie for people on a budget.

2) Urban Outfitters – This has pretty much been my go-to store since I was about 14. Again I like them for there interesting pieces at normal prices. Although lately it seems as if there prices have been steadily climbing. Does anyone else feel this way?

3) Forever 21 – When I was in high school Forever 21 was kind of trashy. The quality sucked, the clothes weren’t particularly cute and the stores were understocked and dirty. However I feel that in the past few years Forever 21 has really hit its stride. If you want a cute trendy piece buy it there!

4) H&M – I have very few pieces of clothing from H&M, but that is only because there isn’t one near me. If there was one near me I would die of happiness.

5) Jcrew – I think that Jcrew is the perfect store for basics. It is a bit pricey, but everything I have bought from there has lasted forever. If I had an unlimited budget I might be tempted to create a wardrobe entirely made up of Jcrew pieces.

As you can tell I mostly favor the cheaper end of the clothing spectrum. I hate spending tons of money on a single piece of clothing, plus it always seems that my most loved and most comfy pieces cost the least amount of money.

I would love to hear about other people’s favorite stores!!


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A Few Favorite 90s TV Shows

I think my Wonderful Wednesday post from yesterday was less than stellar. In my defense I had an awful headache whilst writing it. To make up for that post’s lameness, I am doing a super awesome A Few Favorites. At least I think it is super awesome (feel free to disagree). Without further ado:

Favorite 90s TV Shows:

1. Captain Planet – “He’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero.” Fun and educational. I always used to fight with my cousin about who got to be “fire” and “wind” (we apparently didn’t like “earth”, “water” & “heart”).

2. Rugrats – Is there anyone who didn’t love this show? It was pretty much my favorite show from ages 5-11.

3. Zoom – I am pretty sure this show originally aired in the 70s but I watched the 90s remake. As a kid I always wanted to do crafts and baking projects. This show was my inspiration (probably to my parents dismay).

4. Justice League – I adored this superhero show. My Mom still sometimes makes fun of me for how much I watched it when I was younger (I still attest it is a super cool show). Actually, when I first met Jim he had a Justice League football in his dorm room. We totally would have been best friends as little kids. (Edit: I just found out that apparently this show actually started in 2001, but I am keeping it anyway).

5. Northern Exposure – I have distinct memories of watching the first couple of seasons of this show with my parents. I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, but I felt so special getting to stay up and watch it with them. Plus I have rewatched all the seasons about half a dozen times and it is still quirky and hilarious.

6. Reading Rainbow – Another show that started before my time, but it ran all the way into the 2000s so it definitely had a major presence in my childhood. To be honest I remember very little about this show except for the opening sequence.

7. Wishbone – I loved loved loved this show. It was this little talking dog that told you classic stories (Don Quixote, Treasure Island, etc). For years I begged my parents to buy me a “wishbone dog.”

8. Hercules & Xena – I put these together because they were pretty similar shows and often had shared episodes. I have always been obsessed with Greek myths. I just find them to be fascinating and fun. I was allowed to stay up and watch these shows with my parents which made them all the more special. P.S. Iolaus was always way cooler than Hercules (just saying).

I think that is all I have for today. I could probably keep going, but I think it would just start getting excessive (maybe I’ll do a part 2?). I am not really sure why I make lists of 8 things so often. Probably because 8 is my favorite number. According to certain Psych studies 8 is my favorite number because I was born in the 8th month of the year (random fact of the day).

But now I am just rambling about random things, so I am going to get on with ending this post.

Please feel free to share your favorite 90s TV shows in comments.


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5 Wonderful Websites

Time for my second edition of A Few Favorites. Today I am going to talk about my favorite websites!

  1. – This is a really cool website for anyone that likes music. It keeps track of the music you listen to and makes lists of your top artists and top tracks. It gets really interesting after you have had an account for awhile. Then you can face the shame of listening to that really dorky radio song 100+ times last month! It also has a social networking component which can help you find new music to love. My username is iheartjim.
  2. Steepster – This is a site all about tea! For the most part it is a tea review site. You can write tasting notes, read other’s notes, participate in tea swaps, and get cool coupon codes from tea companies. It is really a nice little tea community. Also if you are a tea newbie, this is an awesome place to discover new teas!
  3. Dropbox – I am not exactly sure whether to consider this a website or an application, but regardless it is a life-altering service. Essentially what it does is stores all your important files online. That means that if your computer’s hard-drive decides to die, all of your most important files are safe and sound. This also means that you can now access your documents from any computer you want (no more toting around flash-drives for power-point presentations). You get a certain amount of space free and you can bump that number through referrals. You can also pay for more space, but I have been using it for all personal and school related documents for two and a half years and I am still only using about 50% of my allotted space (also don’t worry they won’t charge you if you go over the limit).
  4. Pixlr – This is a photo-editing site. It’s free, it works and it is relatively easy to use. Need I say more?
  5. Pinterest – On this website you make “pinboards”. There is a little button that goes in your web browser’s toolbar and you can grab various pictures from around the internet. I mostly pin pictures of clothes I am obsessed with and food that looks delicious. You can also use the site for gift ideas, wedding planning, decorating and fashion inspiration, or really whatever you want. My user name on the site is apurpledress.

I would love to hear about other people’s favorite websites. Feel free to share in comments!



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A Few Favorites

Daily Favorites

Time for my first edition of A Few Favorites! I decided to start with some of my favorite things I use every day!

  1. Hair ties – They are the perfect hair accessory. Buns, ponytails, half-up, braids, pig tails. You name it and these little guys can create the perfect hair day. Also this is the kind without those little metal things. When I discovered that they made hair ties without little metal things, it was a glorious day. Metal + curls do not mix!
  2. Gum – I am pretty much addicted to gum. It drives me crazy when I run out and can’t make it to the store. Therefore I pretty much always try to keep one of the big packs of gum around.
  3. One a Day Vitamins  – I have been a vegetarian about four and a half years. Since I became a vegetarian I have tried to take a vitamin every day. I try to eat healthy and get all the nutrients I need from food, but sometimes it is hard with a college diet.
  4. DKNY perfume – I adore the scent of this perfume. It is sweet and fruity and not in the least bit overpowering. Not to mention the fact that it was a gift from Jim, making it extra special!
  5. Organix Coconut Conditioner – My hair can be really fussy and this conditioner does wonders to tame it. Plus it smells AMAZING!!! Seriously if you have curly (or dry) hair – try this stuff out!
  6. Mango Hand Lotion – My hands always get really dry in the winter and from cleaning products and such. I always keep some kind of hand lotion around to try and combat that. This one is my favorite because it smells yummy.
  7. Camera Case –  Well to be honest it is actually an iPod case, but it fits my little camera perfectly. I believe it is from Free People.

Thus ends my first edition of A Few Favorites. Feel free to share what some of your daily favorites are!


P.S. I can’t decide whether Daily Favorites should be the title or the subtitle. Any opinions?

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A New Feature

One of my favorite places.

In honor of the summer I am going to start a new feature. I love doing Wonderful Wednesday so much that I figured I would create another recurring topic! My new bi-weekly feature is going to be called A Few Favorites. Every other week I am going to make a list of  some of my favorite things.

I love reading about other people’s favorite things, so I figured I would share my own. Plus you might get to learn a little more about me!


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