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R.I.P. Tucker

I try to report only happy news on my blog, but unfortunately today is a pretty sad day. My family dog had to be put the sleep this morning. He has been pretty sick with cancer for the past couple of months and my family decided that they shouldn’t let him suffer anymore.

I wanted to take some time and remember some good things about my puppy. I picked Tucker out of a litter of puppies when I was 8 years old. He came right over to me, curled up in my lap and fell asleep. I decided that this was the puppy that we had to take home. Tucker was a very friendly and happy dog. He pretty much wagged his tail 24/7 and loved anyone who petted him. We used to joke to new visitors at our house that they shouldn’t pet him unless they wanted a friend for life.

Tucker’s favorite place in the whole world was a swimming hole in NH. He would even try and go swimming when it was completely covered over in ice. You could never get him to take interest in chasing a tennis ball or a stick, but throw a rock into the swimming hole and he would be entertained for hours. That’s right that dog liked to chase rocks – haha.

Tucker was terrified of this bridge for some reason. I wish I had taken a video instead of a picture because it was so adorable and funny. He carefully inched his way onto the bridge and then suddenly bolted over it. Then he turned around to double check that he was actually on solid ground again.

Tucker I hope wherever you are you have a plethora rocks to chase, plenty of people to keep you company and an endlessly full bowl of dog food. You were a great and loyal dog and you will be dearly missed. I loved you very much.