Friday Update

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As I explained in this post I am working on completing some summer goals. Here is my first update post on my progress towards those goals! Also I decided to do the posts on Fridays because we all know that is the real end of the week!

Without further ado, here is how I did this week:

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

  • I read about 50 pages in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest

2. Eat Real Lunches

  • Wednesday – Had leftover pasta from night before as a cold pasta salad – win!
  • Thursday – Had a Starbucks frappuccino so not so much a lunch
  • Friday – Apple & peanut butter – well better than Thursday right?

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

  • Did so on Thursday!

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

  • Kind of – walked to do an errand on Thursday

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

  • Took some on Sunday May 6th and one day I will post them.

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

  • I don’t know if you can really call it a recipe because I kind just threw some things together, but it was pretty darn good. In case you were curious: pasta + parmesan + olive oil + onions + red peppers + garlic + basil

7. Bake Twice a Month

  • Yeah didn’t do that yet…

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

  • No real crafts but working on put together Save the Dates!

9. Find Something I Love to Do

  • I have been writing in an ideas journal – hopefully that will help.

10. Relax More and Smile More

  • I decided to not look at my reminders app for a 3 days (which may seem silly but seriously I check that thing like every 5 minutes)
  • I created a new ritual of tea and google reader every morning (so many lovely blogs to read)
  • I painted my nails on Wednesday (something I rarely do). I would also like to note that I answered the door & signed for a package in the middle of painting my nails without messing up a single one – I call that skills – haha.

P.S. I also decided I am gonna make a mini-goal every week to keep this interesting. So…

Mini Goal:

  • Try 2 new hair styles

All in all I think this was a pretty successful first week of summer and first week of goal completion (or rather progress).

Have a superb weekend!



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Thoughts on the Summer

Last summer I made some goals and lets be honest I didn’t follow through on most of them, but this summer I am gonna try to make and follow through on some goals.

I don’t have a job lined up after graduation and while I am sure I will be quite busy with wedding planning – all and all I am doing absolutely nothing this summer. If anyone has ever experienced the phenomena of having nothing to do than you know that it can get quite boring and monotonous. After a few days of doing nothing the glamour of relaxation can wear off a little bit (or a lot).

I personally start losing motivation to much besides watch TV and sit around complaining about how bored I am. This summer my number one goal is to not be bored and to learn how to be fulfilled and happy without a job or school.

I have a list of simple things I would like to accomplish this summer, and if I remember to work towards them everyday than I should pretty much always have something to do.

Summer of 2012 Goals:

1. Read at Least One Book A Month

2. Eat Real Lunches (I have never been a person who has trouble eating breakfast or cooking myself dinner, but lunch I struggle with).

3. Call my Mom at least Once a Week

4. Walk or Do Pilates Three Times a Week

5. Take Outfit Photos Once a Week

6. Try Two New Recipes a Month

7. Bake Twice a Month

8. Make a lot of Wedding Crafts

9. Find Something I Love to Do

10. Relax More and Smile More

To assure that I don’t fall back into my old habits of being lazy and bored I am going to create a little weekly feature here on this blog. Every week (I haven’t decided what day yet) I will make a little post tracking my progress towards my various goals and hopefully this will help me continuously work towards them.

What are your summer goals and plans?


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The End and The Beginning Are Just Synonyms

Photo  7

Today I did it. I finished college. I turned in my last two exams and that was it I am done. It definitely hasn’t hit me yet, but its pretty weird to think about not being a college student anymore. I am still pretty sure that it is September (of 2008)…

I still don’t officially graduate until May 13th, but for now I am gonna enjoy the idea that I no longer have to do homework. I can’t even fathom what that is like.

It seems like I just managed to get a hang of this whole college thing this year, funny how life works that way. I mean you struggle with something for years and then right when you figure it out, its over.

1. What my ideal schedule is like

2. That waking up at 8:45 is the perfect balance between sleeping in and feeling like you are wasting your morning (see 1)

3. That I will never ever ever be a night class person

4. That classes not on the topics of Evolutionary Anthropology or History have the sole purpose of decreasing my GPA

5. That you should run fast and hard from any class with the word Introduction in the title

6. How to write a 4 page paper in under an hour

7. How to study well but not too much

8. How to make time for my friends

9. That taking time to watch CNN in the morning makes everything better

10. The exact time I have to leave my apartment to get a coffee or tea and a good seat, but not have to wait for class to start

11. Where the media center in the library is.

12. That you can rent out rooms in the library for group meetings

13. When you really need the textbook.

14. The key to being able to read my own notes – i.e. write in all caps (REALLY wish I discovered that one earlier).

15. That I will always have a love hate relationship with online courses.

What did you learn in your last year of college?


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OMG! A Blog Post

Hey guys. Yes I am finally making a blog post. And, yes I did use OMG in my title.

I am finally approaching the end of the hecticness. Today was a huge step in vastly reducing the stressfulness of my life. I have been planning and coordinating 6 tables for this event at my school, its kind of like a fair/carnival. All the departments have little activities and it is pretty cool. I have been working to plan my departments events since January and it feels so so good to not have to think about it anymore.

Now I just have to make it through one more day of class and one more day of finals and then I just have to focus on wedding planning.

Seriously after this semester just focusing on wedding planning is gonna feel like a breeze.

Anyway, today after getting my departments tables all setup and helping run them for a few hours I met up with my family and fiancé to enjoy the day.

We walked around a bunch of different tents, and my sister managed to find every single table that was giving out free items (seriously the girl made out with like 10 pieces of loot). Then we went to linner and now I am relaxing in my apartment.

All and all it was a pretty fantastic day. I feel like I can finally start getting excited about graduating!

And now moving on to some pictures of the day:

A cool R made out of cupcakes!

Photo  7

One of the cupcakes:

Photo  8

A rare picture of Jim and I:

Photo  9

Hominin fossils (kinda random, but this is what I study so its sorta relevant):

Photo  10

This post feels a little rusty – sorry about that I am out of practice.


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Four Sundays

I didn’t mean to take yet another blogging hiatus, but life happens. School has been crazy, work has been crazier, and wedding planning has really been picking up. I thought I would pop into my little blog and say hello, and maybe make a tiny mention of the fact that I just passed my 1 year mark of blogging!! Its a big milestone and I missed it – sadface.

While I wasn’t here I was wearing pretty new dresses, and having potluck dinners with my friends, and falling more in love with my fiance every day. I was living life and laughing and having fun.

I do hope to come back to blogging a bit more regularly. Perhaps once graduation happens. Which by the way is coming up faster than I care to think about. After today I only have four more Sundays. Only four more Sunday’s spent working on homework. Only four more Sundays with class the next day. People keep asking if I am getting excited to graduate, but to be honest it really hasn’t hit me yet that I will really be done with school in about a months time. And to be more honest its much more terrifying than exciting, but terrifying in a good way I suppose.

So that was my long convoluted way of saying hello, and hopefully your still reading. I look forward to picking up blogging again.

Happy Sunday!


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Simplicity and Such

Today was a simple a lovely day…

Today I wore plaid and jeans…

And blue moccasins…

Today I didn’t wear any products in my hair…

And I drank not one, not two, but 4 yummy cups of tea…

Today I baked cookie pies…

And ate two for lunch…

Today I worked on improving my crafting skills…

And actually liked the product…

Today was a good day…

And by today I mean yesterday because I didn’t get around to posting this on time…

(Real today ain’t half bad either).


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Wonderful Wednesday

I am going to get around to posting pictures from my trip to the UK, but currently my laptop is acting up so I cannot import pictures. We shall now proceed with why today is wonderful (no need to dwell on the crappy things – right?):

1) I am touring an apartment with my fiance tonight. Yay for potential future homes.

2) I got lots of homework and unpacking done today.

3) And I baked some muffins (although they kind of suck).

4) I have a small supply of British candy and its super yummy.

5) My professor told me I did good job on an assignment I thought I did poorly on.

6)  Jim and I have been working on planning our honeymoon which is tons of fun.

7) There are only a little over two weeks until Spring Break!

8) And I have to throw in lots and lots of yummy tea because tea is always important.


P.S. That ice cream has nothing to do with anything. It is just a random picture or airport ice cream.

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