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52 Teas: A Six Part Series (6)

Sadly this is the last of my 52 teas series, as this was the last week of my six-week subscription. If I had the money I would definitely buy a year subscription because it is completely awesome to get a new tea in the mail every single week. Seriously it is like getting a little present once a week. I got some super awesome teas in the past 6 weeks. This week’s tea is probably my second favorite (first being the Pina Colda tea). I think I may of had to order it if it hadn’t been included in my contest win because well how could I not order a caramel apple tea??

Caramel Apple Flavored Honeybush by 52 teas


This tea smells intense! The caramel smell is almost overwhelming in the dry leaves, but if there is any smell to be overwhelmed by I think caramel is it. As it steeps the caramel smell is toned down a bit (but it is still really strong) and little bit of apple makes its way into the scent. The smell reminds me of these caramel apple lollipops that were really popular when I was 8 or so.

Now on to the tea’s flavor. I was a little worried that it would be overly sweet because of the caramel scent, but I had no need to worry. This was yet another blend from 52 teas where the flavors were perfectly balanced. The tea was a nice pleasant caramel flavored honeybush with undertones of apple. I definitely taste all of the intended flavors, and they are delicious. I steeped this cup for 5 minutes and I feel like if I steep it for longer I can get an even more flavorful cup. I am certainly going to enjoy playing with this tea.

If you missed the other posts in this series:



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52 Teas: A Six Part Series (5)

Pancake Breakfast Black Tea by 52teas

(image curtsey of

I want to start off by saying this tea smells awesome!! It truly smells like pancakes. I don’t mean it smells like maple syrup (well it smells like that too), but I mean it literally smells like freshly cooked pancakes! It is completely amazing. I want a candle that smells like this tea. Also the scent is so strong I could smell it the second I opened the package!

It tastes just as good as it smells. I was actually a little worried that the flavors would be overwhelming from the smell. I thought maybe the maple would overtake the tea and make it too sweet. This however was not the case at all!

This tea is a wonderful strong black breakfast tea. The first flavor you taste is definitely back tea, but don’t worry the pancake flavor is not lost. In fact it is there in the perfect amount: not too strong, not too light. You can definitely tell this is a pancake flavored tea (A+ on accuracy)!

In conclusion if you like black tea and you like pancakes try this tea! Now if only I had the ingredients to make some real pancakes to go with a cup of this!


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52 Teas: A Six Part Series (4)

I actually got this tea on Monday, but I didn’t get around to trying it until yesterday. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to it, as I am super excited about this weeks blend! I love chai tea. It is probably my favorite type of tea. I love the smell, the spiciness, the warmth, and the mix of flavors!

Extra Bold Masala Chai by 52 Teas

(image curtsey of

This tea smells so awesome! It smells like freshly baked pumpkin bread or gingersnaps or something else delicious. You can smell all the different spices blending together in a delicious little bunch.  The tea pretty much holds the warm spicy smell as it steeps. It made my whole kitchen smell awesome as it stepped! You know you have a good tea coming when that happens.

The first cup of this tea that I made was way too strong. They weren’t kidding when they said this is extra-bold, but it was nothing a splash of milk couldn’t fix. The first cup with milk was decent, but when I made it a second time (with 1 teaspoon instead or 2) it was perfection. This is one of the best Chai teas I have ever had. It is probably only second to Republic Red Chai, but this one has the added bonus of having a nice caffeine boost!

All the spices blend together perfectly with the strong black tea. None of the spices overtake the cup. You can really taste each individual spice and the tea too. It is a truly delicious cup all the way to the last sip. I think this will be my morning staple for a little while!


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52 Teas: A Six Part Series (3)

I got my third tea from 52 Teas yesterday. I would have tried it then, but I got it later in the afternoon and its a black tea. Also to be honest, I was semi (okay really) afraid to try this blend! I managed to work up the courage to give it a whirl today when I got home from work.

LiberTea’s Tomato, Basil, Black Pepper Black Tea by 52 Teas

(image courtesy of

This tea looks bizarre because it looks like a normal black tea and then there are these huge pieces of sun-dried tomato! Before steeping the tea smells mostly like sun-dried tomatoes with a hint of lapsang souchoung. Post infusion the tea smells like tomato soup!

Upon first sip these words popped into my head: Salt, Tomato, Strong Black tea. I think that the tomato is the first thing that I taste in the tea but the black tea has a very strong presence (which I like). I am not getting much black pepper flavor, and I wasn’t getting the basil flavor. Then all of a sudden in between sips my mouth tasted of basil. It was strange but refreshing. A pleasant aftertaste!

I don’t think I could drink this every day, but I think it would make an awesome soup base.  I might try to use it as a substitute for vegetable broth some time.  I think it would be super yummy and add this nice smokey black tea flavor.

All in all I am glad I got to try this extremely strange cup of tea!

Goodnight all!



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52 Teas: A Six Part Series (2)

I got my second tea from 52 teas yesterday! It was perfect timing too because I had a big exam this morning and needed something fun to try afterwards. Pina Colada Tea sounds like a great way to celebrate a post exam Friday morning – doesn’t it?

Week 2: Special Pina Colada Green

(Image courtesy of

To start out let me just say that this tea is fantastic! It so so awesome that I am doing a second steep as I type this, and I almost never steep tea multiple times!

The tea itself has huge chunks of dried pineapple, and giant coconut flakes. They aren’t those little dinky coconut flakes that you buy at the grocery store or find in an almond joy bar, but rather they are almost the size of the pineapple pieces. On top of that the tea smells awesome! I have never had a Pina Colada before, but I have had Pina Colada milkshakes and it smells just like one of those. Creamy and tropical!

Once the tea has steeped it smells sweet and buttery. When I was little my mom used to put butter and white sugar on rice to get me to eat it (really bizarre – I know). It smells just like that! Brings back memories, maybe that is why I like it so much. Although it is more likely due to the fact that it tastes positively heavenly.

When you take a sip a there is a tropical green tea flavor and then this hint of creaminess at the end. I really am getting the feeling that I am drinking something made with coconut milk. It is superb! It is truly everything you could want in a tea. It is interesting, unique, and completely yummy, but without losing the tea flavor.

If you haven’t tried 52 teas yet, this would be a great tea to try out!


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52 Teas: A Six Part Series

First off, if you like tea and you haven’t heard of 52 teas you should really check them out ( They have some of the most innovative and interesting teas I have ever seen. I have had the pleasure of tasting a few and they are delicious. If you want to know a little bit more about the type teas the offer then read this series!

I won an awesome contest held by 52 teas, a free 6-week subscription plan! That means I get 6 free pouches of tea. I am going to review them all here (one a week) and on I am super excited because I love love love trying new teas! I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Week 1: Spiced Orappangele

(Image curtsey of

I am going to start off by saying I love the way this tea looks and smells. I love when I can see little bits of fruits and spice in my tea. I know that these are mostly unnecessary for flavor, but it still makes me happy! This tea also smells lovely both loose and steeped. Loose it smells fruity and spicy. It kind of reminds me of an apple cinnamon baked good. Once the tea is steeped it morphs into an apple cider scent, but with a little twist that I am assuming is the orange peel.

The first sip tasted like cinnamon, and then WHAM orange, followed by apple with a finishing note of green tea. This tea literally morphs in your mouth. As it cools I am getting more of a green tea flavor with a fruity cinnamon note.

Even though it is March and thus much closer to spring than fall (thank god!!!); I am picturing this tea as the ultimate fall afternoon tea. I can’t help, but imagine drinking this on the first truly cold day of fall wrapped up in a blanket with a big piece of apple pie.

Overall this tea gets a definite thumbs up from me! Plus it gets bonus points because the word Orappangele makes me smile! I can’t wait to find out which tea I receive next week!!


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