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Magnificent Furniture

One last post with pictures from Chicago. While I was there I went shopping with my future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law. One of the places we went was this amazing furniture store. Most of the furniture is pretty expensive, but then they have amazing clearance sales (and by amazing I mean $1 frames, $5 pillows, and buy $250 worth of items get $250 free!).

I obviously didn’t buy anything while there (planes, budgets, lack of room, etc.), but here are some of the pieces I was drooling over.

If only such a place existed in NJ…



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Today it was almost Fall. It was rainy and cool enough to wear jeans and a cardigan. While I do not love walking to class in the rain or the fact that my school feels it necessary to blast the heat when it is 63 degrees out, so far today has been a superb day. It started out nice and slow… I didn’t have class until afternoon and my morning consisted of pilates followed by a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV. Slow mornings are some of the greatest moments in life (in my humble opinion).

To top it off, I am currently sitting at my computer drinking a cup of my favorite fall tea, Republic Red Chai, listening to Damien Jurado, and wearing a sweatshirt. I don’t know if there could be a more perfect beginning to Fall (we’ll pretend that it already started).  I know that I have raved about Republic Red Chai tea here before, but seriously it is the best way to warm up on a rainy day. It is about 10x’s better than hot chocolate (and this coming from a girl who likes  LOVES her chocolate).

I hope everyone else is having a perfect day.


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August Storms

IMG 5032

I love August thunderstorms. I think that they are truly one of the best things in life. There are two types of August storms. There are the ones that occur in a flash. When it is a brilliantly sunny and burning hot day, and all of a sudden seemingly out of now where it starts to downpour. As if to wash away the heat of the afternoon. The other kind of thunderstorm is the kind that lasts all day long. The day is dark and cozy and just gray and cool enough to remind you that fall is just around the corner.

Sometimes its nice to have a break from summer sun and relax inside safe from the storm. Today was one of those perfectly rainy days full of cups of tea, good books, and favorite pairs of jeans.

IMG 5073

I wanted to take outfit photos (seeing as I haven’t done so in awhile), but unfortunately the aforementioned grayness makes that pretty much impossible, but I’ll take it as a small price to pay.

I plan to spend my night making jalapeno grilled cheese, helping my boyfriend with his homework, and perhaps watching a movie. All in all a perfect rainy day.


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Birthdays call for polka dots, pigtails, printed nails, pink flowers and pretty presents…

IMG 4814

IMG 4863

IMG 4899

IMG 4834

IMG 4903

IMG 4944

IMG 4951

IMG 4968

That pretty much sums up my 21st birthday! I thought it was awesome!


P.S. I changed up my About Me page! Thought my birthday was a perfect time for such a makeover.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Today is wonderful…

1. Because the song Promises (Sxrillex Remix) by Nero is awesome. Here is a link to the song on hype machine since I can’t actually share the song.

2. Because of days that look like this:

NH  June 2010 176

3. Because I finished the picture project I have been working on. I think I will do a DIY post at some point in the future.

4. Because it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday!

5. Because of this photograph of green dumplings (they were gross FYI):

IMG 0603

6. Because I always smile better when Jim takes my outfit photos.

IMG 4456

7. Because I am almost finished with The Girl Who Played with Fire. Such an awesome series.

8. Because I plan to bake cookies and baking cookies is always a happy occasion.

Stop to remember the wonders of life every single day…”I’m gonna lock ’em up tight and eat jam out of the jar all night / ’cause life is to short to make toast or use spoons or napkins” – Mountain Goats.


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The One With Random Pictures

My last 2 posts completely lacked pictures. Therefore I thought I would have a post entirely devoted to photographs. Enjoy!

IMG 3813

IMG 4090


IMG 3819

Just cropped

Old New Brunswick

IMG 4067

IMG 3057


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Don’t Smell the Roses…Drink Them

Okay so the flowers in this tea aren’t actually roses. I do adore rose flavored tea, but this tea happens to be a simple Earl Grey Flowering Tea. Early Grey Black Tea from Primula to be precise. I wanted to do a tea tasting note, and I thought I would start with one that is fun to take pictures of.

I guess I will start out with the tasting note and then move on to the photos. This was a very nice Early Grey tea, nothing mind-blowing but a solid cup of tea. Sometimes I really don’t like Earl Greys, especially if they are really heavy on the bergamot. I want my tea to taste like tea not perfume! That being said this particular variant was much more on the side of a citrus-y Earl Grey than a perfumed one. It had a nice subtle black base which wasn’t at all astringent but also wasn’t weak. It made a superb post dinner tea, but I think it would go best as an afternoon snack with biscotti or shortbread or something. It seems like a classic “tea-time” tea.

Here’s a picture of it pre-infusion:

As it blooms (I am just being honest here), I think it kind of looks like some kind of sea creature or the blob or something rather than a flower. But you know in a pretty way…

I also snapped a picture of my adorable tiny teapot, and my favorite tea accessory in the entire world the UtliTEA! It seriously heats water to perfection, and in ridiculously short amount of time. Plus it makes my counter look fancy. Okay, rambling about tea accessories over.

The lonely flower after all the tea was poured out of the pot:

In conclusion…this tea was beautiful and delicious. I always forget to play with the flowering teas I have, and I really should do it more often. It is truly tons of fun!

Hope you enjoyed!


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