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And We’re Back!

I have an outfit post today! Jim and I managed to coordinate some outfit photo time. He is such a good sport. I can’t remember exactly what day I wore this outfit, sometime in the last week I believe. I really liked this it because it was comfy and simple.

Also I am wearing my favorite $10 jeans. I love the color and they are the perfect length for me which is a rarity at 5’3″. (Does the period go inside the quotations in that situation??).

IMG 5597

IMG 5601

IMG 5599

Don’t you just love these shoes? Jim got them for me for our 3 year anniversary!

IMG 5602

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Jcrew; T-shirt – Jcrew; Jeans – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth; Bracelet – Gift From My Mom

In other news I just finished a 10 page research paper for one of my classes. I am super excited to be done with it. The semester is truly coming to an end!



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The Virtue of Safety Pins

I have been trying to wear skirts more lately. I never really wore skirts before last summer. I always thought skirts looked strange on my 5’2″ frame. However lately I have been learning to love skirts and to manipulate them to look the way I like. Belts and safety pins are my friends! And yes this skirt is safety pinned like crazy to transform it from a skirt that rests on my hips to one that sits at my waist. I have never really tried tucking shirts into skirts before, but I tried it out in this outfit and really liked it. So I thought I would try it again!

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Jcrew; Tank – Anthropologie; Skirt – Jcrew; Shoes – Keds

I hope everyone had  a spectacular Mother’s Day!


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Patience is a Virtue

I bought this maxi-dress with a Modcloth gift card that I received for Valentine’s Day, and I have been waiting and waiting to wear it. Even though I am only 5’2″ I have a thing for maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts. They make you feel so glamorous. I love the way the material swishes around when you walk – so much fun!

Anyway so today I got tired of waiting and decided to make the dress work for the 50 degree whether we are having in NJ. After numerous failed combinations, I went with this outfit. I think it converted the dress into something a little bit warmer quite nicely.

I had Jim snap these pictures on our way to On the Border. I think they came out a little better then my awkward stack of books setup. I may have to bother him for some more outfit photos soon.

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Modcloth, Cardigan – Jcrew, Belt – Forever 21, Boots – Forever 21

What is everyone up to this weekend?


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Throw in a Bit of Buisness

I have been waiting to wear this dress for forever! I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend’s parents. I have been trying to hold off on wearing it until Spring because I think it is just the perfect Spring dress. I love stripes, blue, shirt dresses, and waist ties. Check, check, check and check again.

I started out my morning (when it was 45 and rainy) wearing this with a brown cardigan. It made me look super business professional. Not exactly the look I was going for since where I work is super casual, but I went with it. By the time I took the outfit photos it had skyrocketed to a humid 70 degrees so the cardigan had to go.  New Jersey spring days can never seem to make up their minds. It seems one second it is 30 and the next it is 90. I think I may have to move somewhere else just to experience what a comfortable mid-60s day actually feels like!

I am super excited to style this dress in a bunch of different ways this summer. I already have a few ideas. I love the changing seasons!

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – gift, tights – Forever 21, boots – Forever 21, Headband – Modcloth, Cardigan (not pictured) – Jcrew, bracelet (not pictured) – gift


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Blueberries Blackberries

Today was wonderful out! The sun was shining for most of the day. It was a little cool, but not too cool to need a coat over my sweater. Great way to start of the week! I hope it keeps up like this.

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Urban Outfitters, Slip – Urban Outfitters, Sweater – Urban Outfitters, Tights – no idea, Boots – Urban Outfitters, Necklace – Forever 21, Headband – Urban Outfitters (Wow – I didn’t realize how much my outfit was dominated by Urban Outfitters today – haha).

Now if you’ll excuse me… I am going to return to my cup of tea, episode of Mentalist and March issue of Glamour magazine.


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Olive, Grey and Happy Day

I love the cardigan I am wearing today. It is from Modcloth and it is kind of a weird shape, but the color and material is awesome. You can’t see in the picture, but it is kind of an olive color and a grey color. The grey parts have these little bronze flecks. On top of that the material is nice and flowy and comfy. I really wanted to wear this awesome ring I got for Christmas today, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I put it. I hope I find it soon.

I think it is slowly transitioning into Spring and to celebrate I painted my nails bright yellow! You can’t tell at all in the pictures, so I took a close up shot of my nails.

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Modcloth, Tank-top – Urban Outfitters, Jeans – Target, Flats – Jcrew

Other than that I having a pretty unexciting Sunday. I unfortunately have lots and lots of reading to do this week, but on the bright side only 3 more weeks of classes! On top of that I had an excellent Saturday. I spent the morning at the mall with the boyfriend and had a yummy Starbucks breakfast. I also added a few summer pieces to my wardrobe from Forever 21.

As if that wasn’t enough to make it a great day, I also got to try this semi-new Vegetarian place called Maoz. The food was pretty good, but the service was absolutely terrible. I had a ton of fun anyway. I love trying out new food!

Happy Sunday (Okay Happy Monday – my computer decided to hate me last night)!


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Wonderful Wednesday

Here are 8 reasons why today is a Wonderful Wednesday:

1. I still have 5 more days of spring break left before school starts up again.

2. I just had a lovely cup of Mango Black Tea from thepuriTea.

3. I finally folded the basket of laundry that has been sitting in my room for about a month.

4. I am wearing a delightfully bright green cardigan (its brighter in person).

5. And some awesome high-heeled boots.

6. I just received a package from ModCloth and it contains a lovely blue dress!

7. I got a coupon for free shipping from Tavalon Tea, and I am always looking for an excuse to buy more tea.

8. I am planning on painting my nails a shockingly bright color tonight, and that always makes me smile.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Wednesday too!


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