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Magnificent Furniture

One last post with pictures from Chicago. While I was there I went shopping with my future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law. One of the places we went was this amazing furniture store. Most of the furniture is pretty expensive, but then they have amazing clearance sales (and by amazing I mean $1 frames, $5 pillows, and buy $250 worth of items get $250 free!).

I obviously didn’t buy anything while there (planes, budgets, lack of room, etc.), but here are some of the pieces I was drooling over.

If only such a place existed in NJ…



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Chicago Style 2

I had a lot of fun doing a summary of all the outfits I wore while visiting my fiancé’s parents in May/June so I thought I would do so again. I was a superb packer this time and brought exactly enough outfits for the number of days we were there. They were pre-planned and everything!

And yes I did the dreaded picture in the mirror thing, but I am pretty sure Jim’s family would have thought I was crazy if I started taking outfit photos in there front lawn!

Outfit 1: The sweater was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. I think that is the only item of red clothing that I own, but I think I may have to get more red pieces. The plaid shirt was a gift from my mom. The bicycle necklace was a birthday present. The jeans are from Forever 21.

Outfit 2: I have definitely posted this outfit on my blog before. That sweater is one of my favorites (its from Urban Outfitters). As is the dress.

Outfit 3: This is the outfit I wore to Jim’s extended family Christmas party (with almost 50 people!). The sweater was a Christmas gift from my mom. The necklace was a Valentine’s day gift from Jim. The skirt was a hand-me-down from my mom.

Outfit 4: This is one of my favorite new sweaters. It is an XL from Jcrew but i just wear it as an oversized sweater. It is a great color. The jeans are really old and from Gap.


You can see the first Chicago Style here.

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