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Odds and Ends

I didn’t take too many pictures while I was off visiting Jim’s family in Chicago for Christmas, but I thought I would share a few I had on my phone. The fact that the iPhone actually has a decent camera is truly awesome!

1. Waiting for the train. 2. Waiting for the plane. 3. Helping with dinner. 4.  Salsa ingredients (yum!). 5. Jim’s brother and his sister’s husband playing pool (i.e. my future brothers in law). 6. Pretty flowers.



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Wonderful Wednesday

I don’t think I have done a full Wonderful Wednesday post in a while. Sorry about that. I happened to be flying last Wednesday so I think that’s a valid excuse. Anyway here are the reasons while today is wonderful:

1) Luna Bars for breakfast. I have an obsession with Luna bars, but they aren’t really in my everyday grocery budget so my awesome fiancé got me a big box for Christmas.

2) It managed to stay into the high 40s/low 50s all the way through November and December and up through yesterday. Even though yesterday was quite chilly I am not gonna complain about curling up with extra blankets, tea, and a good magazine.

3) This book (Handmade Weddings). This was another Christmas present from Jim and it is super amazing. All the projects inside are so beautiful. I am trying to hold off on making everything for my October wedding this week.

4) Tea, tea and more tea. I got tea as a Christmas present from Jim, his brother, his parents and my parents. It’s amazing!

5) Amazon book trade-in. Did you know that you can trade in old textbooks (or regular books) to Amazon and they will give you Amazon gift card money in exchange. They even pay for the postage to get the books there! Its awesome and they give you more money than any campus bookstore ever would.

6) I made an appointment to go wedding dress shopping! I am so super excited!

7) I am wearing my hair in a high bun. I used to wear my hair in a bun every day of middle school and in braids every day of high school because I hated having such curly hair. However now I wear my hair down almost every day so wearing it up makes me feel fancy.

8) I was causally browsing jobs today and I actually saw a job I would like to have that I would qualify for! Gives me hope for my post-graduation job hunt!

Tell me why your Wednesday was wonderful.


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Brown Paper Packages

First off…Merry Christmas!!

This year I decided to DIY my Christmas wrapping. I love gift giving and I love wrapping. So I figured why not?

I bought some Christmas stamps, ink, brown paper, and green yarn from I think that my presents came out pretty well for a first try!


IMG 5659

IMG 5662


IMG 5676

IMG 5688

IMG 5701

The Whole Gang:

IMG 5706

IMG 5710

What do you think? Have you ever made your own wrapping paper?


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Lately I have been:

Attempting to prepare for 5 finals at once.

3 of which are on Monday….

Simultaneously I have been trying to get all my Christmas presents ready for my family Christmas party this weekend (worst timing ever? I think so!).

And I have been trying to have a life too (this somehow gets left behind).

I might be quiet for the next couple of days…

But come Wednesday I will be one happy girl with lots of saved up posts.

If this was at all coherent I am proud (my brain hurts).


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Christmas Spirit

I have been in such a Christmas mood lately! I keep finding myself daydreaming about all things Christmas. Yesterday I got really in the Christmas spirit, and I decided it was okay to officially start celebrating the holiday season. I have been:

Christmas Album


  • Making Christmas decorations


  • Thinking of fun Christmas presents to get the people I love
  • Planning to bake these yummy cookies


  • Dreaming about have a Christmas tree and stockings
  • Loving this post about present wrapping
  • Waiting to watch Christmas movies! I can’t wait to watch all kinds of Christmas movies, Rudolph, Santa Claus is  Coming to Town, It’s a Wonderful Life…

What puts you in the Christmas spirit?


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