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On Having A Plan

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I am someone who has always had a plan. Before I started high school I was sure that I wasn’t going to take physics when I was a junior. I was sure what I wanted my grades were going to be and that I would go to college after I graduated.

I carefully narrowed my college choices down to two schools (schools I knew I would get into). I attended overnight visits at both and audited classes. I was going to be sure that I picked the right school.

I chose my major long before the end of my senior year in high school. I signed up for an Anthropology class right away. I had a plan: Cultural Anthropology classes first semester and Evolutionary Anthropology second semester.

I had an even greater plan than that. I would work really hard all 4 years of college, I would write an honors thesis, and then I would go to graduate school. I would get my pHD and then I would work in a museum until I was older and then I would teach.

One day all of a sudden I was a second semester senior in college and I no longer had a plan. I didn’t have a job lined (not even a menial one). I didn’t apply to any grad schools…I didn’t even take the GREs. I found (and still find this terrifying). I like having a plan. I plan everything from meals to outfits to the perfect date to start ordering Christmas presents.

But I am starting to realize that a lot of the best things in my life are things that happened off plan. I never ever planned to go to a school in my home state. I swore up and down that I was going somewhere else, anywhere else. If I had followed through with this plan I wouldn’t have met Jim.

I certainly didn’t plan to meet the man I would marry in October of my freshman year of college. And I really didn’t plan to meet him at a bus stop. This unplanned event led me to meet someone who is my world and my soulmate.

On I smaller scale I didn’t actually plan on majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology. I had a form filled out declaring my major as Cultural Anthropology, but the day I was going to hand it in I just knew that it wasn’t right. I declared my major as Evolutionary Anthropology and never looked back. I am so glad I made that deviation because I loved my major so much.

As I mentioned earlier in this post I was planning to go to graduate school, and maybe I still will some day. The reason that I always planned on graduate school is because I always thought that the only thing I was good at was school. The people I love assure me this is not the case, and while I am still not so sure, nothing good in life resides in your comfort zone. Not to mention the major reason I am glad this plan didn’t work out: that is I don’t like school! I always thought I liked school because I like learning but the two are certainly not the same thing. Learning involves personal growth and school involves homework, stress, bad teachers, frustrations, and busy work.

Before I ramble on any further I am going to end this post by simply saying: Plans are really overrated.



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On Sunday I officially graduated from college! I have been done for a week and a half already, but Sunday made it official. It still doesn’t feel any different from a normal end of the semester. Maybe it will finally hit me when I don’t go back to school in the fall.


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Regardless I now have a B.S. in Evolutionary Anthropology and I suppose that is pretty darn cool.

~ Caitlin

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The End and The Beginning Are Just Synonyms

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Today I did it. I finished college. I turned in my last two exams and that was it I am done. It definitely hasn’t hit me yet, but its pretty weird to think about not being a college student anymore. I am still pretty sure that it is September (of 2008)…

I still don’t officially graduate until May 13th, but for now I am gonna enjoy the idea that I no longer have to do homework. I can’t even fathom what that is like.

It seems like I just managed to get a hang of this whole college thing this year, funny how life works that way. I mean you struggle with something for years and then right when you figure it out, its over.

1. What my ideal schedule is like

2. That waking up at 8:45 is the perfect balance between sleeping in and feeling like you are wasting your morning (see 1)

3. That I will never ever ever be a night class person

4. That classes not on the topics of Evolutionary Anthropology or History have the sole purpose of decreasing my GPA

5. That you should run fast and hard from any class with the word Introduction in the title

6. How to write a 4 page paper in under an hour

7. How to study well but not too much

8. How to make time for my friends

9. That taking time to watch CNN in the morning makes everything better

10. The exact time I have to leave my apartment to get a coffee or tea and a good seat, but not have to wait for class to start

11. Where the media center in the library is.

12. That you can rent out rooms in the library for group meetings

13. When you really need the textbook.

14. The key to being able to read my own notes – i.e. write in all caps (REALLY wish I discovered that one earlier).

15. That I will always have a love hate relationship with online courses.

What did you learn in your last year of college?


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