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I Have Returned…

I just returned from the UK! I think  I woke about at the equivalent of midnight East Coast time, but so far I am holding strong and staying awake.  It was a great trip, and I have so many photos to share once the jet lag wears off.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello!



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Happy Birthday Jimby!

With any luck we are on a plane to the UK at the moment, but I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Birthday to my wonderful fiance!

So Happy 23rd Birthday Jim! I know it’ll be a great year!!


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(1. Birthday Presents 2. Birthday Cake 3. Caramel Latte in class 4. Felt Roses 5. Trying on Glasses 6. Luna Bar in class 7. Okkervil River Record 8. Wedges 9. A Bit of Snow 10. Tea!)

  • I have finally gotten to see the church we are getting married in and its beautiful.
  • I have been obsessed on Downtown Abbey. It really is as good as everyone says. I was hooked after one episode.
  • I finally picked a new pair of glasses that I want (something I have been trying to do since Christmas).
  • I have been getting really excited to head to the UK next week.
  • And perhaps even more excited for my fiancé’s birthday next Wednesday.
  • I have been amazed at how fast time is going by.
  • And I have been trying to enjoy every day more.
  • I have enjoyed getting more and more wedding details put together every day.
  • I have been trying to keep my apartment a bit cleaner.
  • And I’ve been trying to get my homework done early.
  • I have been obsessed with cereal and chai tea with coffee creamer.
  • And I finally got my hair trimmed.

What have you been up to lately?


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Lets Pretend There’s No Such Thing As Winter

This is actually the outfit I wore last Friday. I am a little bit behind on posting. I am gonna try and be better about that though because blogging is really a fun hobby that I love doing.

Anyway when I saw Jim last Friday night he almost immediately asked if I wanted him to take outfit photos. I would like to think its because this outfit is so awesome, but its probably because it was a little crazy. I mean I am wearing 5 inch wedges in January.

IMG 6022

IMG 6020

IMG 6019

IMG 6023

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Hand-me-down from my Mom; Sweater – Christmas gift; Tights – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth

Anyway I thought I did I pretty good job transitioning this dress from a summer dress to a winter one. Summer dress + oversized sweater + tights = winter outfit!

This is how I wore it over the summer:

IMG 4450


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Terrific Thursday

Jim was really upset that I never came back for my Wonderful Wednesday post like I said I would on Tuesday. I really meant to, but it seemed that everything was going wrong yesterday (locking myself out of my apartment, deleting homework assignments, etc.) and then it was night and I was tired. Anyway he suggested I do a Terrific Thursday post instead!

So here it goes. Today is terrific because:

1) I don’t have any classes tomorrow.

2) Or work.

3) I had yummy leftover homemade carrot soup and focaccia bread for dinner.

4) And I have “homemade” brownies for dessert (they’re really Trader Joe’s brownies that came as pre-made batter you just had to pour in a pan so homemade is probably a bit of a stretch).

5) I am taking the next two days as mental health days with no homework or wedding planning or apartment hunting or job hunting or cleaning or cooking anything more complicated than frozen pizza. It is a much needed mini-vacation that I am really looking forward to.

6) Steam is finally getting an iPhone app which probably has no relevance to most people reading this, but its still awesome.

7) It looks like my reading load for the semester actually isn’t too bad so I might actually be able to read some “real” books (maybe…)

8) I pretty much put this on every Wonderful Wednesday post, but there is just something extra special about a cup of tea on a cold rainy day like today.

I hope everyone had a terrific day!


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Out of Town

I am heading to Chicago to spend some time with my fiancé’s family! I am gonna try and schedule some posts while I am gone (crossing my fingers that it works!).

I am gonna throw in some pictures from my family Christmas party because this post looks boring!

Here are all my cousins on my Dad’s side (I’m the oldest):

IMG 5736

And here is my littlest cousin, so cute!

IMG 5753

I hope everyone has a spectacular holiday season!


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Wonderful Wednesday

Today was wonderful because it was my last day of finals!!!!!!

Only one more semester and then I am DONE!!!!

And also today was Jim’s last day ever!

So overall it was a pretty awesome day!!

More extensive posts to come.


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