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On Having A Plan

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I am someone who has always had a plan. Before I started high school I was sure that I wasn’t going to take physics when I was a junior. I was sure what I wanted my grades were going to be and that I would go to college after I graduated.

I carefully narrowed my college choices down to two schools (schools I knew I would get into). I attended overnight visits at both and audited classes. I was going to be sure that I picked the right school.

I chose my major long before the end of my senior year in high school. I signed up for an Anthropology class right away. I had a plan: Cultural Anthropology classes first semester and Evolutionary Anthropology second semester.

I had an even greater plan than that. I would work really hard all 4 years of college, I would write an honors thesis, and then I would go to graduate school. I would get my pHD and then I would work in a museum until I was older and then I would teach.

One day all of a sudden I was a second semester senior in college and I no longer had a plan. I didn’t have a job lined (not even a menial one). I didn’t apply to any grad schools…I didn’t even take the GREs. I found (and still find this terrifying). I like having a plan. I plan everything from meals to outfits to the perfect date to start ordering Christmas presents.

But I am starting to realize that a lot of the best things in my life are things that happened off plan. I never ever planned to go to a school in my home state. I swore up and down that I was going somewhere else, anywhere else. If I had followed through with this plan I wouldn’t have met Jim.

I certainly didn’t plan to meet the man I would marry in October of my freshman year of college. And I really didn’t plan to meet him at a bus stop. This unplanned event led me to meet someone who is my world and my soulmate.

On I smaller scale I didn’t actually plan on majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology. I had a form filled out declaring my major as Cultural Anthropology, but the day I was going to hand it in I just knew that it wasn’t right. I declared my major as Evolutionary Anthropology and never looked back. I am so glad I made that deviation because I loved my major so much.

As I mentioned earlier in this post I was planning to go to graduate school, and maybe I still will some day. The reason that I always planned on graduate school is because I always thought that the only thing I was good at was school. The people I love assure me this is not the case, and while I am still not so sure, nothing good in life resides in your comfort zone. Not to mention the major reason I am glad this plan didn’t work out: that is I don’t like school! I always thought I liked school because I like learning but the two are certainly not the same thing. Learning involves personal growth and school involves homework, stress, bad teachers, frustrations, and busy work.

Before I ramble on any further I am going to end this post by simply saying: Plans are really overrated.



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On Sunday I officially graduated from college! I have been done for a week and a half already, but Sunday made it official. It still doesn’t feel any different from a normal end of the semester. Maybe it will finally hit me when I don’t go back to school in the fall.


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Regardless I now have a B.S. in Evolutionary Anthropology and I suppose that is pretty darn cool.

~ Caitlin

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