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Hats & Haircuts

I decided to wear my hat again yesterday! I am still not sure how I feel about hats. I just feel awkward when I wear then, but the print on this hat is so irresistible. I kept my outfit pretty simple as I spent a lot of my day getting things done around my apartment. The lighting in these pictures is kind of awkward because I forgot to take outfit photos until after dark. In my defense my photographer now works all day!

IMG 4262

In other news I really need a hair cut. I think it is semi-obvious in this zoomed in picture. I haven’t gotten my hair cut in over a year and it is getting really uneven and long. I always dread getting haircuts because hairdressers always want to do weird things to my hair.

IMG 4260

Anyway back to my outfit. These are some of my favorite summer shoes. The are so comfy and simple and they pretty much go with everything. Unfortunately I don’t think they have much more life left in them. I certainly plan to wear them til they break!

IMG 4255

For your amusement, here is an out-take from my little photo session:

IMG 4263



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Girl Meets Hat

I decided to try out my new hat yesterday, and I loved it. I went pretty simple with the rest of my outfit since my hat was pretty loud. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture but it has little orange flowers on it. I think I am officially becoming a hat person. It made me feel super cool. Not to mention who doesn’t want to cover up a bad hair day or two.

I had a little too much fun taking these photos. I got a little crazy with the posing. I also had Jim try on the hat. I think he looked pretty darn cute.

Credit where Credit is Due: Hat – Forever 21, T-shirt – Forever 21, Jeans – Target, Wedges – Forever 21

In other news it was spectacular out yesterday! Sunny and warm, but not warm enough to make you hot. It was a true spring day. I ended up walking to Chipotle and Starbucks with Jim which was super yummy. Other than that I haven’t done a whole lot this weekend. I have mostly just been relaxing, enjoying the spring weather, and doing some end of the year homework.

How was everyone’s weekend?


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