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Four Sundays

I didn’t mean to take yet another blogging hiatus, but life happens. School has been crazy, work has been crazier, and wedding planning has really been picking up. I thought I would pop into my little blog and say hello, and maybe make a tiny mention of the fact that I just passed my 1 year mark of blogging!! Its a big milestone and I missed it – sadface.

While I wasn’t here I was wearing pretty new dresses, and having potluck dinners with my friends, and falling more in love with my fiance every day. I was living life and laughing and having fun.

I do hope to come back to blogging a bit more regularly. Perhaps once graduation happens. Which by the way is coming up faster than I care to think about. After today I only have four more Sundays. Only four more Sunday’s spent working on homework. Only four more Sundays with class the next day. People keep asking if I am getting excited to graduate, but to be honest it really hasn’t hit me yet that I will really be done with school in about a months time. And to be more honest its much more terrifying than exciting, but terrifying in a good way I suppose.

So that was my long convoluted way of saying hello, and hopefully your still reading. I look forward to picking up blogging again.

Happy Sunday!



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A Long Time Coming

Hello again!

I didn’t really intend to take a 2 month break from blogging, but somehow it just seemed to happen. I wasn’t sure if I should just pick up where I left off after such a long absence but I figured why not. The truth is I missed blogging a lot, but between school, work, getting ready to graduate in the spring and wedding planning, blogging kind of fell by the wayside. But I am back and hopefully no more long unintended breaks.

I don’t think I will have many outfit posts for a while. Unfortunately my wonderful photographer (aka my fiancé) is not really available during daylight hours. He is finishing up his last semester at school and working a full time job which means that he leaves for work way earlier than we could reasonably meet up and gets home well after dark. Perhaps I will still post a few outfit photos from the weekends.

I don’t really know what I am going to talk about yet, but I am sure I will think of something. I am definitely going to keep my Wonderful Wednesday posts! Perhaps I will talk a bit about wedding planning since that is a major (and super fun) part of my life right now. I would also love to do more recipe and tea posts since I always find those fun. Let’s see how it goes!

If anyone is still reading this, thanks! Cool points have been mentally given out.