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Happy New Years Eve!

I just wanted to do a quick post about the impending New Year and reflecting on the old one. 2011 was truly a great year:

It involved consumption of dozen’s of jalapeno pizzas.

Img 30371

And hundreds of cups of tea.

Img 2556

The beginning of this blog.

Img 24941

A bunch of outfit posts.

Close up

A big birthday.

An engagement!

Photo Oct 02 2 28 05 PM

An accidental blog break.

52 Wonderful Wednesdays (and not nearly so many Wonderful Wednesday posts).

Lots of yummy baking.


My first professional football game.


Some Christmas crafts.


And lifetimes of fun and happiness.


I have a feeling 2012 will be even better!

Happy New Years everyone!



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Brown Paper Packages

First off…Merry Christmas!!

This year I decided to DIY my Christmas wrapping. I love gift giving and I love wrapping. So I figured why not?

I bought some Christmas stamps, ink, brown paper, and green yarn from I think that my presents came out pretty well for a first try!


IMG 5659

IMG 5662


IMG 5676

IMG 5688

IMG 5701

The Whole Gang:

IMG 5706

IMG 5710

What do you think? Have you ever made your own wrapping paper?


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Christmas Spirit

I have been in such a Christmas mood lately! I keep finding myself daydreaming about all things Christmas. Yesterday I got really in the Christmas spirit, and I decided it was okay to officially start celebrating the holiday season. I have been:

Christmas Album


  • Making Christmas decorations


  • Thinking of fun Christmas presents to get the people I love
  • Planning to bake these yummy cookies


  • Dreaming about have a Christmas tree and stockings
  • Loving this post about present wrapping
  • Waiting to watch Christmas movies! I can’t wait to watch all kinds of Christmas movies, Rudolph, Santa Claus is  Coming to Town, It’s a Wonderful Life…

What puts you in the Christmas spirit?


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