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Odds and Ends

I didn’t take too many pictures while I was off visiting Jim’s family in Chicago for Christmas, but I thought I would share a few I had on my phone. The fact that the iPhone actually has a decent camera is truly awesome!

1. Waiting for the train. 2. Waiting for the plane. 3. Helping with dinner. 4.  Salsa ingredients (yum!). 5. Jim’s brother and his sister’s husband playing pool (i.e. my future brothers in law). 6. Pretty flowers.



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Weekend Highlights

Sorry for the lack of posting for the past couple of days. I went home for a few days which was fun! It is always nice to see my family. My brother (14 years old) and sister (11 years old) just keep getting bigger and bigger every time I see them.

Since I haven’t posted in a few days I thought I would quickly summarize the best parts of my weekend. So…..Here are some highlights from my weekend at home:

  • Watching the Tour of California (similar to the Tour de France but in CA) and seeing sumo wrestlers chase the bikes (apparently this is a normal occurrence at these things???).
  • 10pm algebra lessons from Shane (my brother) and Titus (his best friend/my second brother).
  • Popping Orbeez and Warhead tasting.
  • Pomegranate Greek yogurt (seriously amazing!!!).


  • Finally completing about 7 loads of laundry (maybe I can actually do some outfit posts now).
  • Jim getting me an awesome new photo-editing iPhone app. It’s called FX Photo Studio. I’ll leave you with some pictures I edited with the app:


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