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Almost Adventurous

Today I went to the mall with Jim with the intention of seeing the movie Water for Elephants. We knew it was a Dine-in-Theater, but when we got there it was so weird looking. The whole outside part was a huge bar. Apparently you buy you tickets at this little computer thing and then you go in and sit at a table. You press a button and then a server comes (even if you just want popcorn or a water or something). We thought it was really strange sounding and we were kind of worried all of the food ordering and serving would ruin the movie.

We ultimately decided to skip the movie and try again another time. I love going to the movie theater, but I only ever seem to get to go about once a year. The last movie I saw in theaters was Harry Potter 7. That is actually a whole other story I won’t go into at the moment. Anyway since I go so infrequently I want the true movie theater experience (Popcorn. No lights. No waiters or tables. Awkward shared arm rests all the way!) Has anyone been to an AMC Dine-in-Theater that can tell me about it?

We ended up getting some ice cream instead. Well I got ice cream. Jim got a Snapple because he is a party pooper who doesn’t like sweets. Can you believe it? The boy doesn’t like sweets. Okay, he’ll eat them occasionally but still??

Oh and this is what I wore…

(I seemed to have decided to stand off to the side in all of my pictures today.)

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – H&M, Boots – Forever 21, Headband – Anthropologie

Wow, this post was longer than I intended it to be. Sorry for the rambling. Also I don’t know what is with my epically short sentences tonight.



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