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10 Songs I Could Listen to 10,000 times

1. Sheets – Damien Jurado

2. Heart Skipped A Beat –  The xx

3. Family Tree – TV on the Radio

4. I’d Rather Dance with You – Kings of Convenience

5. Your Protector – Fleet Foxes

6. No Children  – Mountain Goats

7. Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe – Okkervil River

8. Favorite Food – Tokyo Police Club

9. Old Coyote – Weepies

10. You Only Call Me When You’re Crying – Black Kids

Unfortunately I looked into actually embedding the songs into my blog post and apparently I need to pay WordPress money to do so. I am planning on upgrading my blog eventually, but today is not that day. I hope you enjoy my list anyway. I would love to hear about other people’s favorite songs!



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Ruby Slippers

I haven’t made a blog post in nearly two days and it feels like forever. I  must be getting addicted to it! Anyway I am home from college for the weekend. It is my Mom’s Birthday at the end of the month and I wanted to come home before school got too crazy.

I was planning on making an outfit post today because I was wearing an outfit I really like. However I somehow never got around to taking outfit photos and then it got late. So this post is going to be about music instead (a super fun topic in my humble opinion!

I live about an hour from school and I love making new playlists for the drive. Music and cars just go well together. Today’s playlist is entitled Electric Blue Feel:

  • Damn These Vampires – The Mountain Goats
  • One Way Love (Better Off Dead) – E.G. Daily
  • Civilization – Justice
  • All Of The Lights – Kanye West
  • Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
  • Song of Our So-Called Friend – Okkervil River
  • With Your Friends (Long Drive) – Skrillex
  • Drops Of Jupiter – Train
  • No Particular Place to Go – Charles Berry
  • Romona Was A Waitress – Paul Dempsey
  • Heartbeats – The Knife
  • Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson
  • 3rd Planet – Modest Mouse
  • Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota – Basshunter
  • Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot

As you can tell I have very eclectic music tastes! I just love music in all its forms. It makes everything better. Eventually I will get Mr. Jimby to help me out with the techie stuff so I can actually include the songs in the blog post, but this is all I have for now. If you want to find out more about what music I listen too you can find me on (check it out if you haven’t heard of it – really awesome site).

Off to do more laundry!


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Take Two

So I wrote out this whole post earlier today and then wordpress decided to hate me and delete the whole thing. Here is take two hopefully it is superior to the first attempt!

My boyfriend mentioned awhile back that he was interested in buying a turntable, so when his birthday rolled around (February 15th) I thought to myself, perfect present! Of course with the purchase of a record player one needs records. I picked a various assortment of some of his favorite artists (Daft Punk, Mountain Goats, and Deadmau5). The turntable and first 2 records arrived dutifully around February 1st, but the Deadmau5 album decided to be a pain in the butt. Fast forward through multiple backorders and it finally arrived yesterday!! I thought I would share the awesomeness!

If you haven’t heard of the Mountain Goats you should check them out. Some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard. I honestly don’t know if there is a single song by them I don’t love!

How awesome is this transparent red record? I think it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

I am the first to admit that my photo editing skills are not the greatest, but I had a lot of fun making this post. If you are reading this I hope you enjoyed!



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