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The Elusive Portal Cake

I baked that cake I was talking about yesterday. I decided to make it look like the companion cube from Portal (don’t judge me on the nerdiness of this cake).


Now I am guessing that most of you have no idea what Portal is, but it is not particularly important. All you need to know is that the companion cube is a cute little grey cube with pink hearts on it. I have provided pictures of the plushie version compared to the cake version. I think it came out pretty well considering the fact that I have absolutely no artistic ability.

A step-by-step progression of cake making:

The ingredients:

The icky part:


Post-oven yumminess:

No that is not ice cream with chocolate sauce. It is actually vanilla icing with black gel icing mixed in (which, in case you were wondering, is how I made grey icing).

A work in progress:

The finished product:

The comparison:

The aftermath:

Oh and the cake was awesomely yummy!

Anyone else done anything nerdy lately?



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