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Chicago Style 2

I had a lot of fun doing a summary of all the outfits I wore while visiting my fiancé’s parents in May/June so I thought I would do so again. I was a superb packer this time and brought exactly enough outfits for the number of days we were there. They were pre-planned and everything!

And yes I did the dreaded picture in the mirror thing, but I am pretty sure Jim’s family would have thought I was crazy if I started taking outfit photos in there front lawn!

Outfit 1: The sweater was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. I think that is the only item of red clothing that I own, but I think I may have to get more red pieces. The plaid shirt was a gift from my mom. The bicycle necklace was a birthday present. The jeans are from Forever 21.

Outfit 2: I have definitely posted this outfit on my blog before. That sweater is one of my favorites (its from Urban Outfitters). As is the dress.

Outfit 3: This is the outfit I wore to Jim’s extended family Christmas party (with almost 50 people!). The sweater was a Christmas gift from my mom. The necklace was a Valentine’s day gift from Jim. The skirt was a hand-me-down from my mom.

Outfit 4: This is one of my favorite new sweaters. It is an XL from Jcrew but i just wear it as an oversized sweater. It is a great color. The jeans are really old and from Gap.


You can see the first Chicago Style here.


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Goals & Plans

New Year’s resolutions seem kind of silly to me. There is no reason not to work towards goals at anytime of the year. You don’t need a new year to change your life or be happier or healthier. Regardless I thought I would make a little list of some long term goals/things I want to do in the next year.

1) Marry my wonderful fiancé.

2) Not let wedding planning stress me out too much.

3) Learn how to not stress about traveling.

4) Graduate from college.

5) Figure out what I want to do with my life/find a job I like.

6) Try lots of new recipes.

7) Settle into an apartment that feels like home.

8) Enjoy everything more.

9) Read more books!

I also thought I would share some things I am excited about doing this year:

1) Traveling to the UK in February for a wedding!

2) Having my blog turn 1 in March!

3) Traveling to Chicago in April.

4) Having a bridal shower in Indiana over the summer.

5) Making wedding crafts!

6) Graduating from college in May.

7) Marrying Jim in October and going on a honeymoon!

8) Celebrating 4 years together!

What are your goals and plans for 2012?


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Happy New Years Eve!

I just wanted to do a quick post about the impending New Year and reflecting on the old one. 2011 was truly a great year:

It involved consumption of dozen’s of jalapeno pizzas.

Img 30371

And hundreds of cups of tea.

Img 2556

The beginning of this blog.

Img 24941

A bunch of outfit posts.

Close up

A big birthday.

An engagement!

Photo Oct 02 2 28 05 PM

An accidental blog break.

52 Wonderful Wednesdays (and not nearly so many Wonderful Wednesday posts).

Lots of yummy baking.


My first professional football game.


Some Christmas crafts.


And lifetimes of fun and happiness.


I have a feeling 2012 will be even better!

Happy New Years everyone!


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Go Pack Go

On Sunday I went to my first ever NFL football game. I went with Jim, his sister and her husband. Jim is a huge Packer fan so he was happy with their win (his sister’s husband not so much). It was a fun new experience. Especially since we went all out with tailgating with a mini-grill and everything. I don’t have too many pictures, but I thought I would share a few I do have.

These are not the world’s greatest pictures but I still think they are kind of cool.


IMG 5566

IMG 5568

IMG 5585

Do you have a favorite football team?


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Old Fashion Romance

My boyfriend’s sister is getting married at the end of September. I just finished putting together the outfit I will be wearing to the wedding. I started out just buying the dress and then I realized that I don’t own any accessories that match. I guess it was a good excuse to go shopping.

Anyway here is what I am planning on wearing:

Screen Shot 2011 08 12 at 11 25 24 AM

Screen Shot 2011 08 12 at 11 23 47 AM

Screen Shot 2011 08 12 at 11 23 26 AM

Screen Shot 2011 08 12 at 11 24 14 AM

Screen Shot 2011 08 12 at 11 24 57 AM

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress, Shoes, Ring, Earrings, Bow


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All In

I wore this outfit on Friday and I was planning on doing an outfit over the weekend, but I just never got around to it. I went home for the weekend and had a great time visiting with my family. I took a walk around the grounds of my old high school with Jim and my brother, Shane and sister, Kylie. I got to see Shane play baseball for a little bit on Sunday. I also got to meet my family’s new puppy. Overall it was a very nice weekend.

I can’t believe how big Shane and Kylie are getting. Every time I go home, they seem exponentially older. Their is something truly magically about having younger siblings. It is almost like getting to view your childhood from an outside perspective.

Anyway I am going to move away from the nostalgic rambling about my family and move on to my outfit photos before I start missing them too much. The top and skirt I am wearing are both from my little solo-shopping trip last Thursday. I love wearing all my new clothes at once. Both of these pieces are very different looks for me: a full length belted skirt AND a cropped ruffled blouse! Who is putting together these outfits?? Blogging is clearly influencing my style – in a good way of course!

IMG 4429

IMG 4431

IMG 4422

Credit where Credit is Due: Top: Finale; Skirt: Finale; Belt: came with the skirt; Sandals: Bakers Shoes; Headband: Anthropologie

Okay just a few pictures of my cute siblings. First up, Shane getting ready to bat and Kylie looking exasperated and hot (poor youngest child always getting dragged to games).

IMG 4442

IMG 4438


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A New Feature

One of my favorite places.

In honor of the summer I am going to start a new feature. I love doing Wonderful Wednesday so much that I figured I would create another recurring topic! My new bi-weekly feature is going to be called A Few Favorites. Every other week I am going to make a list of  some of my favorite things.

I love reading about other people’s favorite things, so I figured I would share my own. Plus you might get to learn a little more about me!


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